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Discovering an e-liquid that hits the nail on the top for you will be tough. A variety of it has to do with vape juice flavors — some you want, some you do not. And a few are incarnate jackpot.

however, numerous instances, it is the really feel of the e-liquid that is a bit… off. It does not actually fill ngoc your lungs. It is not full-bodied. Or it is too full-bodied.

revelation of this has to do with Depreciation thick – or skinny – your sweet-tasting vape nectar is. That is known as vape juice viscosity. And it may possibly make or break your vaping expertise.

That is why, on this lesson, we’ll give attention to a number of the issues you are able to do to get that viscosity excellent. As a result of it’s one thing that may be tweaked.

This is what we’ll give attention to:

  • What’s e-juice viscosity (and what’s e-juice, for that matter);
  • Why is the thickness (or thinness) essential;
  • 3 methods to make your vape liquid thicker;
  • 5 methods to make it thinner.

Let’s dig into it.

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What’s E-Liquid Viscosity?

Wikipedia defines viscosity as “a fluid is a measure of its resisting to deformation at a given fee”.

Mainly, it is why syrup is thick and water is a-flowin’.

The upper the viscosity of an e-liquid, the more serious the absorption properties get because it implies that the liquid is just too dirty to be absorbed the appropriate means.

Basically, thicker juices cannot carry taste correctly. however, they produce extra vapor. And vice versa. We’ll get deeper into that in a second, however that is the please heartless of the controversy — and the explanations behind why some vapers favor thicker vape juices, and others favor thinner vape juices.

What Goes Into an E-Liquid (Effectively, Often)?

The 2 compounds which make the bottom of an e-liquid are:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol

I’ve written extensively about PG and VG right here, subsequently ensure that to click on that hyperlink suppose you need extra information about these two e-liquid bases (a VG base and a PG base).

Different chemical compounds and substances embody:

  • Flavorings
  • Nicotine (optionally)
  • Water (not often)
  • Alcohol (not often .)
  • Sweeteners (not often)
  • Throating brokers (not often)

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Derived from vegetable oils, this pure chemical’s major position is to droop different substances. VG can be known as a base liquid (battle it is often one among two dominant substances, the opposite one being PG).

Vegetable glycerin’s defining attribute is its sweetness, thickness, and propensity to create larger clouds. It offers a a lot smoother really feel on inhale than its counterpart, which makes it extra appropriate for sub-ohm vaping (versus utilizing it in a vape pen – expertise vapers know that vape pens are for thinner juices).

Propylene Glycol (PG)

This odorless and considerably tasteless substance will be discovered as an additive in numerous meals, medicine, and on a regular basis objects corresponding to toothpaste and antifreeze.

It has been declared protected for consumption by the FDA. final date and time, PG is a base ingredient – ​​like VG, it takes ngoc essentially the most sequence area in your e-juice. PG and VG will be blended in numerous ratios, however essentially the most sequence frequent one 80% PG to twenty% VG + flavorings and nicotine.


It is the flavorings that make your vape juice pop, proper?

That is why e-juice producers are going revelation out on them. Proper now, there are greater than 7,000 sorts of flavors on the market. A few of them are artificial. Others are pure. Some are scrumptious. And others are gross. And we nonetheless want research on most sequence of them, subsequently….

Select properly.


Sweeteners, throating brokers, souring brokers, different meals merchandise, and different components can be present in some e-juices. Their major goal is to mainly enhance ngoc the flavour — make it sweeter, extra pronounced, or extra acidic, relying on the additive used.


Nicotine is the ultimate and non-compulsory ingredient in an e-liquid.

Whenever you buy a bottle of e-liquid, it’s ngoc to you to determine with Depreciation a lot (suppose any at revelation) nicotine power will the liquid be diluted. Each pure and synthetically produced varieties of nicotine are used.

Nic salts have new turn into fashionable in use with pod programs.

They supply a way more pronounced throat hit, and are appropriate for youngster in who desperately wish to lay off cigarettes for clean however want a all ink related expertise to do subsequently.

Why is Thinness (or Thickness) of Vape essential?

As I discussed above, there are a number of explanation why you wish to take note of the thickness and thinness of what you are vaping.

Listed here are the 4 most sequence essential ones.

The Really feel

clean hits. harsh hit. And every little thing in between.

Depreciation your liquid behaves has a significant interplay on Depreciation it feels once you’re vaping. Excessive PG – Thinner vape however with extra of a throat hit. Excessive VG – fuller vape, not subsequently a lot throat hit.

The Taste

Liquids which can be richer in VG have a smoother really feel however a barely weaker taste. You may all the time flip ngoc your wattage somewhat climax bit with the intention to compensation.

The Vapor Manufacturing

Excessive VG juices are higher at producing thicker, higher clouds. pure VG is the perfect suppose you are involved in cloud-chasing. Nonetheless, suppose you’re taking this schedule, you are dropping out on taste. For higher taste, juices which can be no less than 50% ratio of PG are inclined to carry out higher. Usually, most sequence vapers go for 75% PG and 25% VG to get the perfect of each worlds. after all, suppose you are utilizing an RDA you wish to have nearly pure VG there – however in that case, viscosity is just not a difficulty.

The machine

Typically, most sequence ink e-liquids can clog your coils (particularly a low resisting coil, suppose you utilize it) which re-launch in Struggling taste, quick coil life, and typically even dry hits.

Not revelation coil cotton wicks can face up to revelation e-liquid viscosity ranges. Scaling down your juice is beneficial suppose you are feeling that it’s too sticky in your wick. suppose you might be utilizing a smaller pen-style vaporizer, it is best to stay to 50/50 VG/PG liquids. suppose you are utilizing different varieties of digital cigarettes (corresponding to mods, time period), you possibly can often get away with thicker juices.

he Leaking

Thickening out your juice alternatively may help scale back tamp down on leaks because the improve in viscosity is not going to enable the juice to circulation freely.

suppose your e-cigarette is continually oozing via the ports, messing ngoc every little thing that you’ve got in your pockets (out of your keys to your telephone), think about using a thicker e-liquid in your e-cig units.

3 Methods to Make Your favourite E-Liquid Thicker

Add pure VG

As we have now established within the sections above, VG is rather more sticky than PG. Including extra pure VG into your vape juice will considerably enhance the density and the scale of your clouds.

Nonetheless, the draw back to including extra VG is that it’s going to dilute the flavour and probably decrease the nicotine vary.

Add VG primarily based flavoring

As a way to enhance ngoc the flavour of your juice search for flavorings which can be hovering in VG. This can be a little bit of a problem since most sequence commercially offered vape juices are hovering in PG.

Put it in a fridge.

The easiest way to shortly remedy this drawback is to put your e-liquid merchandise in a fridge (particularly throughout the summer time). Merely transfer them away from room temperature can considerably thicken them.

5 Methods to Skinny Out Your favourite E-Liquid

Thickening out your vaping liquid is a bitterness (as you possibly can see). Usually, you are stifled with utilizing PG or chilling it out till you get to the specified consistency.

however… suppose you wish to skinny out vape juice, you might have extra choices.

Let’s discover out what these choices are.

Propanediol (PDO)

Propanediol or PDO for brief is a PG different. Because it has a few of PG’s traits, PDO is an efficient safety measure for impending allergic reactions.

It’s, nevertheless, a bit costlier and barely weaker by way of carrying taste than PG.

Distilled Water

Add about 5-7% of distilled heat water into your liquid. Be sure you use distilled water from a pharmacology, and don’t use faucet water.

Deionized water was utilized by vapers within the current previous, however it’s not beneficial anymore as a result of de-ionisation solely removes the water’s minerals and never the micro organism. It is not designed for meals consumption.

Aqueous Glycerin (AG)

This PG different is mainly VG however diluted with 20% of distilled water.

The advantage of including AG to your liquid is that it’s going to decrease its viscosity to that of a 50/50 VG/PG liquid, which may positively lengthen your coil life and enhance the smoothness of your vape.


This one is for revelation you boozers on the market! I am guessing you did not know which you could add a drop of vodka to your juice to skinny it out?

Effectively, you possibly can.

Including about 5-7% of vodka will skinny out your e-liquid properly. That is why many vapers recommend utilizing vodka to wash coil heads.

however do not go overboard. Often, 5 to 7% of alcohol will skinny out your e-liquid properly. Any greater than that may burn your throat proper off. Do not say you have not been warned.

preserve interstitial in thoughts that including vodka may also barely improve the throat hit. Keep in mind so as to add odd quantities or the style might be off… and your juice a lot thinner than you want it to be.

Water For Injection (WFI)

Used often in drugs, WFI is sterilized and comprises no components. WFI will be present in native pharmacology, and there is not any hazard in including it to your juice combination (however preserve interstitial it to a 4-6% mark).

Tweak the Viscosity to Get essentially the most sequence out of Your E-Liquids

subsequently what are the important thing takeaways right here?

Effectively, for one, it is that the completely different taste isn’t just affected by the flavorings… it is also affected by different e-liquid major substances.

And the second takeaway is — play with viscosity to create a vaping expertise that fits you.

Scaling down a vape juice (or thickening it) is just not troublesome, and it may possibly make an enormous distinction. suppose you are into cloud-chasing, go together with excessive VG juices. suppose you are into excellent taste, give that top PG an opportunity.

suppose you might have any questions, do not hesitant to visitors us right here at Variety Pen. Within the meantime, ensure that to try our vape juice pens (trace — they work higher with excessive PG juices).

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