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Be taught Depreciation to make a working paper guardian bow and arrow. This easy craft requires little provides. Your kids will mournful mournful grace utilizing their very own origami bow that really preschool!

For our Disney themed exercise current, I made a decision to throw warning to the wind and have my daughter pick a Disney film.

Studying: Depreciation to make a paper guardian bow and arrows

And I shortly regretted my decision as a result of she picked braveness. Not that I do not like braveness – in actual fact, I mournful mournful grace Depreciation robust and expert Merida is. She type of jogs my memory of my daughter! however, there simply aren’t too many craft concepts I can consider regarding braveness.

I suggest that we make bear masks. Nope. It must be concerning the princess and never the mother or brothers. Why cannot will we one other Frozen day?

due to this fact guess what we ended ngoc making? Merida’s bow and arrow! To my son’s delight (who grumbled when he heard we had been making child a princess mission current), the mini bow and arrow we made out of paper guardian labored due to this fact nicely that the arrow can fly straight throughout the room!

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Proceed studying to see what else we shot with our paper guardian bow and arrow.

Depreciation to Make Bow and Arrow Out of paper guardian


  • 3 sheets of building papers
  • Tape
  • Rubber band
  • Skewer sticks (for the arrows)
  • Non-compulsory: Consuming straw


  1. Take a sheet of rectangular building paper guardian and fold it as proven. Paper Bow and Arrow Construction Paper
  2. Use the sting as a information to chop off the decrease rectangle.
  3. Unfold the triangle. You must now have a sq. with a diagonal crease in it. Paper Bow and Arrow Square Construction Paper
  4. Flip the sq. due to this fact that you simply now have a diamond.
  5. take battle folding on the backside angle and proceed folding till you might have folded all the paper guardian. Attempt to hold interstitial the folds as small as attainable due to this fact that within the terminate you get a good stick. Paper Bow and Arrow Fold Construction Paper
  6. Tape the sting of the sting terminate of the paper guardian down.
  7. Repeat #1-6 with two different items of building paper guardian. Paper Bow and Arrow Construction Paper Sticks
  8. Take 2 of the sticks and reduce about 1 inch off every terminate of the sticks. Paper Bow 2 Sticks
  9. Overlap the 2 sticks about 2 inches and tape the 2 sticks collectively. Paper Bow and Arrow Overlap Sticks
  10. Bend the sticks somewhat bit on the ends of the overlapped portion.
  11. Take one terminate of the stick and reduce a small slit down the center.
  12. Repeat #11 with the opposite terminate.
  13. Reduce the rubber band due to this fact that you simply now have a protracted string.
  14. Stick one terminate of the rubber band by one of many slits and tape it to the stick. Paper Bow and Arrow Attach Rubber Band
  15. Repeat #14 with the opposite terminate. Paper Bow String Rubber Band
  16. Take the remaining stick and reduce it just a bit bit longer than the overlapping portion of the opposite two sticks. Paper Bow Short Stick
  17. Tape the ends of the remaining follow the opposite two sticks. This basically straightens the bow barely due to this fact that the rubber band is tauter. Paper Bow
  18. Use the skewer sticks as your arrows, pull again on the rubber band, and shoot!
  19. Non-compulsory: Reduce about 1 inch of the ingesting straw and tape it to the arrow. You’ll be able to stick the skewer stick by it and use it as an arrow relaxation. That is
  20. Non-compulsory: Reduce a small piece of building paper guardian and wrap it around the rubber band the place you’ll place the terminate of the arrow. Tape it due to this fact that it stays in place. Paper Bow and Arrow with Rest

I wish to train which means steps #18 and #19 within the instructions. You needn’t do these steps for older youngsters as a result of they’ll simply pull again the arrow with the rubber band behind it. They will additionally use the hand that is holding the bow as an arrow relaxation by inserting a finger under the arrow.

Nevertheless, for youthful youngsters like my daughter, she could not maintain the arrow straight. She additionally had hassle pulling the rubber band again due to this fact that it is behind the arrow. Subsequently, I used the straw as her arrow information and used a chunk of building paper guardian to assist her pull the arrow again with the rubber band behind it.

Are you amazed at Depreciation nicely this paper guardian bow and arrow preschool? When my youngsters first shot it, the skewer stick flew straight throughout the room. Then at one level, my son shot on the wall and the skewer stick bought stifled within the wall. Oops.

Warning: Please supervise your youngsters fastidiously. As you possibly can see from the video, the paper guardian bow and arrow can truly shoot forcefully sufficient to pop balloons and pierce by froth boards.

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That stated, you do not have to make use of skewer sticks for the arrows. We did discover them to carry out all ink nicely, however they do have sharp, pointing ends that may be toxic.

You’ll be able to attempt utilizing disposable wood chopsticks as arrows, or you possibly can even make an extra paper guardian stick. When you nonetheless should not take your eyes off your youngsters when they’re capturing something with this a lot drive, chopsticks or different varieties of sticks not less than shouldn’t have pointy ends.

Depreciation to Play with the DIY Bow and Arrow for Youngsters

Listed here are some enjoyable concepts for taking part in with the paper guardian bow and arrow.

  • Taking pictures at a bullseye (self-explanatory).
  • Taking pictures at stacked cups. Utilizing mini pink cups, we stacked them excessive in a triangle formation. Then we tried to shoot on the stacked cups to see who can knock the sequence down in a single shot.
  • Taking pictures at balloons. My youngsters completely beloved this. We blew ngoc water balloons and taped the balloons to a froth board. Then we shot on the balloons! The one that popped the sequence balloons win. That is just like the carnival sport you play with darts, besides bow and arrows are much more enjoyable!
  • Taking pictures at crammed water balloons. My son wished to do that due to this fact badly however I did not have revelation the supplies for it. Just like capturing on the balloons, you’ll wish to fill the water balloons ngoc with water as a substitute of air. Then safe it to a board.

Taping the balloons will not work as a result of the water makes the balloons fairly heavy, due to this fact you’ll Possibly need to nail them to the board. I did not have a wood board that I can use the nails on due to this fact the children will simply want to attend for one more day for this one.

There you go! My daughter was pretending pleased and pleased to be Merida in braveness together with her paper guardian bow and arrow. My son was pleased and pleased with a bow and arrow that really preschool nicely. Total, a profitable Disney themed day!


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