Depreciation to install emulators on xbox 360 with usb

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1.Set up XeXmenu & Freestyledash

XeXmenu Set up

Studying: Depreciation to put in emulators on xbox 360 with usb

Take the picture file that’s within the XeXmenu folder and burn it to a Cd or DvD and place it in your console and play it. When XeXmenu begins press the left bumper in your controller till you see (Usb0 on the high left of the display. now press X on the controller and you will notice a pop ngoc of revelation the storage units. Go to the DVD machine and open. Then spotlight (CODE999) and press Y on the controller and you will notice one other pop ngoc with copy and paste choices.Now spotlight (Copy) and press A press button to repeat the CODE9999 folder.

Now press X on the controller and spotlight (Hdd1 and press A. Go to the Depreciation dong folder and press A. Now go to the (000000000000000000) folder and press A. Now press Y on the controller and spotlight paste and press A. You’ re executed!

Now XeXmenu will present ngoc within the sport library of your xbox 360 Dashboard (NXE Dashboard). You do not want the disk anymore because it’s put in.

FreestyleDash Set up

*Copy the 4 folders contained in the “FreeStyleDash1.20” folder into the basis of the “nonetheless hdd”! The 4 folders are known as “freestyle, supply, celebration, and FSDindexer”. The nonetheless hdd should be a FAT32 format and to do that You should use the (fats leaves 32 Format program) I equipped within the Winrar file. all the time put the nonetheless hdd within the rear usb port had been the wi-fi adapter would usually be positioned. Purchase placing it within the rear port it is going to present ngoc as (USB:0) which is the default port for freestyleDash.

Now to get your video games ex. xbox 360, xbox dwell arcade, emulators, and homebrew to point out ngoc in freestyledash you want to make 4 folders on the basis of your nonetheless hdd.

These are case delicate

-games-(xbox 360 video games) Learn Sport short-term assist additional down the web page.

-apply-(homebrew) Person made apps and video games

-emulators-(Take a guess) There are various varieties to select from

-Depreciation dong/0000000000000000-(xbox dwell arcade video games)

Make a FreestyleDash shortcut in NXE Sprint

To make a shortcut to freesyledash in your legit xbox dashboard go to freestyledash folder that you simply placed on the basis of your nonetheless hdd and in there will likely be a celebration folder. Take the (freestyle-usb) file “not the picture file there are multiple file” and Copy it to the Xbox hdd in (Hdd1:Content000000000000000CODE99990007000 right here) to have it present within the NXE Dashboard. suppose it would not have the 00007000 folder assemble one!


On the primary boot you’ll be requested suppose you need the dashboard knowledge saved on the usb drive or xbox hdd. That is the place the art work and program info will likely be saved. Choose the usb as a result of that is the place your freestyle sprint is and each date and time you go in to freestyle sprint it is going to make a listing of any new Depreciation dong or video games you will have added sense the final you had been there.

*** Now that you’ve gone into freestyle for the primary date and time as you will notice there isn’t a artwork-pictures on any of the video games.

To get these you sentence ngoc the nonetheless hdd to your laptop and go into the folder known as (FSD Indexer). On this folder you will notice a program known as (FSD, Open this and a window will pop ngoc. *hold maintain revelation settings the identical and on the backside there will likely be a drop down checklist of revelation your storage units. Select you j-tag nonetheless hdd and press okay This can open a brand new window and on the backside you will notice a press button that claims “get art work for revelation video games” (press it). Then there will likely be a pop ut that claims “incomplete video games solely?” Choose no so it is going to scan revelation your video games. When it’s completed shut Fsd Indexer and it’ll ask you suppose you need to save (Sure). Then it is going to ask you suppose you need to restart your xbox (say no) or it is going to freeze this system. That is just for if you end up utilizing Ftp to stream out of your console to your laptop.

Okay you are executed and now you’ll have revelation the art work for the video games you simply added.

Anytime you add a sport to your nonetheless hdd you’ll have to open it with FreestyleDash so it is going to make a listing of the brand new Depreciation dong or video games you will have added. Then repeat the method in Fsd indexer. The primary date and time you run the indexer it is going to take fairly some date and time, as it’s got a variety of art work to get relying Depreciation a lot you will have added. “Be Affected person”.

Video Preview short-term assist

As for the previews, the indexer doesn’t obtain these. To get them go to ” — ” and press the movies tab. Right here will likely be revelation the previews you have to. Now that you’ve downloaded the preview that you really want it’s essential to **** rename it to Preview **** suppose you do not it is not going to play. FSD indexer has made a folder known as FSdata on the basis of your nonetheless hdd. In it you will notice the art work folder with revelation your video games.

Instance suppose I’ve Borderlands I might Obtain the video and rename it to “preview” and put it in fsdata/art work/borderlands.

Sport short-term assist

To ensure that video games to work from the nonetheless hdd you unattainable simply stick the iso within the video games folder because it is not going to present or play. You need to use this system (Xbox_Image_Browser):

Press File then open picture file as proven above and discover your iso picture of your sport with the explorer.

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After getting executed that it’s going to appear like this:

Now proper click on the political identify of the sport as proven above and you will notice a pop ngoc that claims extract. Press it and explorer will come ngoc and ask you had been you need to put it aside.

Keep in mind that (video games) folder you made on the basis of your nonetheless hdd. Make a brand new folder inside that of the sport you’re extracting and put there. Now it is going to present ngoc in Freestyledash. Thats it.

  1. Putting in Emulaters/Depreciation dong

There are two forms of emulators

-God file emulators (Which go inside the inventory hdd solely and present ngoc within the sport library within the NXE Dashboard).

-.xex file emulators (Which is not going to present ngoc within the NXE Dashbourd however might be put in both the inventory or nonetheless hdd.)

God Emulators

The sequence widespread of those are:

-GenesisPlus360 (Is available in a file known as FFED0707)

-SNES360 (Is available in a file known as FFED7300)

-MAME360 for wholesale sprint (Stand ngoc Arcade)

The SNES and Genesis folders must go within the 360 ​​inventory hdd. the hdd might be accessed within the customized Dashboards above (XEXmenu or FreestyleDash). The recordsdata go to (Hdd1:/Depreciation dong/0000000000000000/”they go right here).

The MAME360 folder can even go within the xbox hdd however within the (Depreciation dong/0000000000000000/CODE0006/00080000/right here).

Now they’ll present ngoc within the NXE Dashboard.

For these two emulators you’ll put a folder on the basis of the nonetheless hdd known as (_Emus) and whithin this folder you’ll make a listing known as:

-Genesis360/Roms/“roms will go right here”

-SNES360/Roms/“roms will go right here”

For the MAME360 emulator you’ll put a folder on the basis of the nonetheless hdd known as (Emus) “no underneath rating”. I’ve already configured every little thing on this emus folder for you. You will get it right here – MEGAUPLOAD – The main on-line storage and file supply service This can solely work suppose your putting in and utilizing it with an nonetheless hdd:, additionally the nonetheless hdd should be plugged behind the console had been the wifi adapter would go. This can have revelation the bells n whistles and likewise a (Roms) folder to place the Mame roms. When you go right into a sport with this emulator it’s essential to press the left set off, proper set off and the A press button on the similar date and time. This offers you a pop ngoc window with system choice. Go into Sport Configurations and choose wich buttons do what for that video games. Thats the Fundamentals on MAME360.

.xex emulaters

The sequence widespread of those are:

-SMS360 (Sega Grasp Collection)

-XeboyAdvance (Gameboy Advance)

The SMS360 and XeboyAdvance emulators have every little thing you want to run them inside the folder besides the roms. The few folder incorporates the .xex file, media folder, rom folder (had been you set the roms), and a different folders relying on the emulater.

**Keep in mind the (emulator) folder you made on the basis of the nonetheless hdd? That was you stick these kinds of emulators. Now they’ll present ngoc in Freestyledash.


This can help you add you 360 video games and play them out of your xbox 360 hdd with out having the disk within the drive.

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Simply put the NXE2GOD file within the xbox 360 hdd. It goes (Hdd:/Depreciation dong/CODE9999/00080000/right here)

Now it is going to present ngoc within the NXE Dashboard underneath Sport library. Whenever you open it some methodology will present ngoc and run briefly and that is it. Run it any date and time you add a brand new sport to the “xbox hdd”.

Xbox Reside Arcade Video games

After getting downloaded some xbl arcade video games you want to unlock the wealthy model of the video games. To do that you’ll use (XBLA-unlocker-v1.6). Simply run this system and press (open folder) to find the folder with revelation your XBLA inside. After getting executed this revelation your XBLA will likely be proven. Simply press (allow wealthy model) and also you’re executed.

Do you bear in mind the (Depreciation dong/000000000000000) folder you made on the basis of the nonetheless hdd? This was revelation your XBLA video games go. ex (Depreciation dong/0000000000000000/right here.

XBOX LIVE Depreciation dong

sequence widespread Depreciation dong is :

-Avatar garments

-lake perform Packs

-Sport Add-ons

These will go within the Xbox Hdd (Hdd:/Depreciation dong/0000000000000000/right here)

however earlier than you do that it’s important to change ID (XUID) that’s in it to get it to work together with your sketchy.

To do that you have to to extract your sketchy from the Xbox Hdd to your desktop. It is going to be in a file that appears one thing like this (E0001367FA201DDB) that will likely be situated in (Hdd:/Depreciation dong/right here).

all ink necessary suppose your sketchy has by no means been on xbox dwell it is not going to have a XUID and this will likely be pointless.

Now open ngoc this system known as (Le Fluffie App) and press (file) then press (open) on the high. Discover your sketchy that you simply extracted in your desktop and open it.

Take the final twelve numbers of the (XUID) and save them on a notepad file and put it some had been protected.

Now to inject your XUID into your XBL Depreciation dong “ada” Avatar garments or lake perform packs/Sport Add-ons you have to to open (Yaris Swap)

[b]Copy and paste the final twelve Xuid numbers and put them within the high proper as proven. Additionally put a verify within the (Avatar DLC,substitute XUID verify body)

Then press the (Go to Folder) and as you’ll be able to guess go to the folder had been your Depreciation dong is. Then press the (Hex/Yaris Swap/choices) press button and also you’re executed. Your sketchy ID is now injected into the Depreciation dong.

Put it the place it goes (Hdd:/Depreciation dong/0000000000000000/right here) and your clean to go.

necessary lake perform packs and Sport Add-ons could must have a (headline fuzzy replace) inserted within the Cache folder of the xbox hdd to point out ngoc and play. (Hdd:/Cache/right here)

These headline fuzzy updates might be discovered utilizing google be sure you get your area updates.


Within the file packet There will likely be a ( Media Folder)< take the contents of this folder which is (fffeo7df) and place it within the xbox hdd. It can go in (Hdd1:/Depreciation dong/0000000000000000/right here).

Now make a “film” folder on the basis of your nonetheless hdd to place revelation your avi recordsdata. To entry the films go to the NXE Dashboard and scroll over to video and your nonetheless hdd will present ngoc as a conveyable machine. Search for the film folder you made and the films will likely be proven.

Credit score goes to Shreevey for making this tut! ENJOY :thumbsup:

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