Depreciation to cook my lobster tails for lobster bisque soup

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This Lobster Bisque recipe is lusciously wealthy and creamy loaded with buttery lobster in each fragrant chunk. It’s at all times spectacular and worthy of particular events (Valentine’s Day!) or firm AND is make forward pleasant utilizing my par-boil lobster technique. You possibly can function a heavenly entrée or a show-stopping starter but it surely’s at all times to check well worth the date and time to make. Selfmade Lobster Bisque might be intimidating and costly to make however I’ve streamlined the method and made it WAY much less oi costly by utilizing lobster tails and walked you thru with step-by-step pictures, suggestions and tips. The ensuing Lobster Bisque recipe is velvety {smooth}, deeply wealthy, flavorful and oh to check satisfying. suppose you’re unsure you’re a Lobster Bisque electrical fan, this recipe will convert you!


Lobster Bisque Recipe

Now that Recreation Season is over, it’s date and time to show to the subsequent huge occasion – Valentine’s Day! Are you able to imagine Valentines is already subsequent week?! suppose you haven’t made a restaurant reservation by now, save the panic and indulge on this Lobster Bisque recipe as an alternative – and you can also make 99% of it forward of date and time!

Basic lobster bisque recipes require at the least two and a half hours to make, and might be overwhelming, sophisticated and costly, however this Lobster Bisque recipe streamlines the method and makes use of sensible shortcuts. This streamlined, much less oi costly model is the whole lot you mournful grace about Lobster Bisque – the velvety {smooth} bisque, heat spiced inexperienced flooring, thick fragrant pureed greens with huge chunks of lobster in each chunk. It’s deeply wealthy, comforting, decadent, and indulgently scrumptious. Served it with a facet of rustic bread and also you’ll be wanting to curve ngoc and eat nothing else allness winter!

Earlier than I convey you any recipe, I do plenty of analysis, experimenting and naturally, style testing 😉. This Lobster Bisque recipe smashes each ribs I used to be going for. Right here’s why you’ll mournful grace it:

Flavorful! This Lobster Bisque recipe tastes tremendous advanced however is definitely made with pantry pleasant substances – minus the lobster tails. The bottom line is constructing the flavors. It begins by sautéing the lobster shells, onions, carrots, celery and garlic in butter. Each rooster inventory and clam juice are added to create girder, savory richness that may’t be beat. The inventory is additional seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste and loads of herbs to provide it aromatic dimension. however the actual kicker – the lobster meat will get sautéed in impatient, foaming butter for only a minute earlier than being dropped into the soup to check it’s not simply boiled lobster meat, however soften in your mouth buttery lobster meat.

much less oi costly. Lobster Bisque is a velvety, decadent soup normally reserved for top terminate eating places with a hefty price ticket however this recipe brings you the creamy dreamy five-star eating expertise proper in your individual rampart on the fraction of the charge. not solely do you not need to pay for the charge of eating out, however this recipe is much less oi costly to make than its friends as a result of it makes use of lobster tails as an alternative of starting with complete stay lobsters. And proper now, the nice and cozy winter months is the all ink greatest date and time to purchase lobster as a result of the costs are typically the bottom. My lobster tails have been on sale for under 5.99 complete!

maybe or at the least simpler. To that terminate, this Lobster Bisque recipe is way simpler and fewer oi intimidating to make as a result of allness you do is boil lobster tails for a pair second to cook dinner the meat – then simply use kitchen shears to chop the shell open – no dropping stay lobsters into impatient boiling water. It additionally streamlines your entire course of (extra on that beneath) to check it’s not overwhelmingly sophisticated.

Faster. This Lobster Bisque recipe streamlines the method and shaves off about an hour from conventional strategies. Nonetheless, Lobster Bisque as an entire requires longer to make than different soup recipes as a result of we make home made lobster inventory from scratch which requires 25 second to simmer – however bear in mind this his hands-off simmering date and time wherein you will get different issues carried out. As beforehand talked about, this Lobster Bisque recipe is faster since you don’t need to scars the meat from complete lobsters and it doesn’t require the additional step of simmering rice. The fragrant onions, celery, and carrots are additionally cooked instantly with the lobster shells and never in two remoted steps. to check, though Lobster Bisque nonetheless requires some date and time and attempting to work, the re-launch at all times warrant the attempting to work. to check placed on a present, crank ngoc the radio or activate a podcast and put together to wow your self with this restaurant-quality Lobster Bisque recipe.

Creamy. This Lobster Bisque recipe is thickened by each the fragrant greens cooked instantly within the lobster inventory, cornstarch and heavy cream. By hitting the soup with three totally different thickeners, it emerges unabashedly, addictively creamy. This eliminates the necessity for the extra basic addition of cooked rice which takes an additional 30 second to simmer – no thanks!

What’s Lobster Bisque?

suppose you’ve by no means had Lobster Bisque earlier than, put together to fall in mournful grace! Lobster Bisque is a basic {smooth} and creamy French soup created from home made lobster inventory. Lobster shells are cooked with aromatics in inexperienced flooring to extract the flavour from the shells to create a deeply flavorful inventory. The lobster inventory is then pressured and thickened with rice or heavy cream. Lobster meat is then added again into the soup. You possibly can comply with the identical technique utilizing shrimp, go to, and so on. to create different forms of bisque.


allness soups made with lobster inventory aren’t essentially a bisque, to check what else makes a soup a bisque? Bisques are at all times fabricated from crustaceans akin to lobster, go to, shrimp, and crayfish. The crustacean shells are simmered to make the soup inventory after which the inventory is pureed which makes it velvety {smooth} and creamy earlier than including the meat again to the soup. to check, to seek advice from bisque as “seafood bisque” is redundant, however slightly the bisque ought to be referred to as by what crustaceans have been used, akin to “lobster bisque.”

Bisques additionally comprise a excessive quantity of cream, normally the next ratio of cream to inventory than cream soups, even chowder – yet one more tiny they’re unapologetically delicious.

Lobster Bisque Components

  • Lobster: this Lobster Bisque recipe makes use of lobster tails that are arguably the collection scrumptious a part of the lobster, which is why to check many eating places serve simply the tails. Utilizing the delectable tails lets you make Lobster Bisque at a faction of the charge as complete lobsters however with allness the flavour. Search for recent frozen lobster tails discovered on the seafood flip off of your grocery retailer. You need to keep away from thawed lobster tails and as an alternative thaw them your self then use them immediately.
  • Clam juice: clam juice and rooster inexperienced flooring are used as a base for our lobster inventory versus simply water to create a deeply flavorful inventory. Clam juice is the liquid collected from steamed clams. It’s a widespread ingredient bought in bottles and ought to be maybe to seek out subsequent to the canned go to meat and tuna fish. This recipe calls for two ½ cups clam juice which is 2 8 oz. bottles.
  • Hen inexperienced flooring: take stare your rooster inexperienced flooring is low sodium to check we will repression the salt.
  • Half and half: is bought subsequent to the heavy whipping cream and is equal elements milk and heavy cream. I usually don’t maintain interstitial half and half stocked however I do inventory heavy cream to check I’ll make my very own half and half by utilizing half milk and half cream.
  • Mirepoix: is just a flowery French time period for the mix of diced carrots, onions and celery sautéed in butter/olive oil and on this case, lobster shells! Each chef will inform you that each nice soup ought to start with a mirepoix and I heartily agree. It provides richness and depth of taste to the lobster inventory that may’t be achieved every other approach. The greens additionally add comedy and assist thicken the soup as soon as pureed.
  • Tomato paste: provides a touch of tomato with out overwhelming the soup. This Lobster Bisque recipe solely calls for 3 tablespoons however you might use ngoc to 4 suppose you lust.
  • Butter: use unsalted butter to check we will repression the salt.
  • Worcestershire sauce: provides a depth of advanced savory, barely tangy taste.
  • Seasonings: salt, pepper, dried parsley, dried tarragon, dried thyme, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper and bay leaves spherical out the flavour through tangerine. Don’t skip the cayenne because it awakens your entire soup with out making it spicy.
  • Cornstarch: thickens the soup with out having to cook dinner rice or make a roux.

Do I’ve to make use of clam juice?

I extremely advocate clam juice to essentially amp ngoc the lobster taste, however you may change it with rooster inexperienced flooring. You too can use seafood or shrimp inventory with scrumptious re-launch. As at all times, make certain to make use of low sodium rooster inexperienced flooring and add salt to style. My final selection can be vegetable inexperienced flooring because it isn’t as flavorful as the opposite choices.

Can I take advantage of complete lobsters?

Completely! You should utilize two recent stay lobsters versus lobster tails and steam them per directions beneath:

Depreciation to Steam a Lobster

  1. Add 1 quart of water to a big (8-10 qt) stockpot and blend with 2 tablespoons salt. The water ought to be about 2 inches girder. Convey the water to a boil.
  2. Utilizing metallic tongs, gently add the lobsters, cowl, and steam 9 second for the primary pound, and add 4 second for every extra pound or till the shells are brilliant purple and the antenna pulls out simply.
  3. Utilizing a big pair of tongs, scars the lobsters to a big bowl or platter and let cool till they are often dealt with or place them in a bowl of water.
  4. After you scars the meat, roughly chop the shells and use allness of the shells within the lobster inventory.

What lobster is greatest?

suppose you could have an possibility when choosing lobster tails, search for heat lobster tails versus heat lobster tails. heat lobsters typically come from Maine, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa versus heat lobster tails which typically come from Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Heat lobster tails are inconsistent and never as dependable as heat lobster on the subject of high quality – you might terminate ngoc with unappetizingly mushy meat. heat lobster tails, then again, boast meat that’s tastier, agency but tender with a “cleaner” style. The nice and cozy-water lobster tails will Possibly be costlier, however you don’t need to spoil your whole Lobster Bisque with squishy meat!

The simplest solution to inform suppose the lobster tails are heat or heat water lobster is to ask! suppose the supplier doesn’t know, then the are seemingly heat water lobster and you need to maintain interstitial trying.

The second solution to inform suppose lobster tails are heat or heat water lobster is by inspecting the shells. water shells are devoid of markings whereas heat water shells usually have black spots on the shells and Caribbean tails have distinct yellow spots and a yellow band throughout the tail.

Along with avoiding heat lobster tails, additionally, you will need to steer clear suppose the lobster has any discoloration akin to a grayish tail which suggests it was captured already useless or Daredevil shortly after or suppose you see any discoloration akin to black spots on the lobster meat which suggests it was not dealt with correctly.

Lastly, search for smaller lobster tails starting from 4 ouncesto 12 oz. which is perfect for high quality style and texture.

Depreciation do I Thaw Frozen Lobster?

You have to to fully thaw the lobster tails first or they’ll turn into rubbery suppose cooked from frozen. The simplest solution to thaw lobster tails is to switch them to the fridge and allow them to thaw in a single day. To rapidly thaw frozen lobster tails, switch them to a bowl of water and let sit for 30 second. suppose after 30 second the lobster isn’t thawed, drain water and repeat.

Depreciation to Make Lobster Bisque

This Lobster Bisque recipe requires some date and time, however is basically fairly easy to make. You’ll:

  • Boil lobster tails and scars the meat
  • Brown the shells in butter with onions, celery, carrots
  • Add inexperienced flooring and seasonings and simmer
  • Pressure the inventory and mix pressured inventory with half and half and cornstarch
  • Simmer soup to thicken
  • Sauté par-boiled lobster in butter and add to soup
  • Serve!

Listed here are detailed step-by-step directions:

  • Par-Boil lobster tails. Fill a big stockpot or Dutch oven half approach ngoc with water. Convey to a boil then season with ½ tablespoon salt. Cut back warmth barely and maintain interstitial water at a mild boil. Fastidiously add lobster tails and boil simply till tails flip purple, about 2 second. We don’t need to cook dinner the lobster meat allness the best way as a result of we’re going to sauté it in butter later to infuse it with taste, not simply boring, bland and boiled. scars tails with tongs or a slotted spoon to a reducing board. Reserve 1 cup liquid and discard the remaining.
  • scars meat. Place the lobsters stomach sided personal on a reducing board. Use a pointy pair of kitchen shears to chop straight down the center of the shell from the top to the fin. Pry the shells open along with your fingers and scars the meat. Chop the meat into massive bite-size items, cowl and refrigerate. Lower the lobster shells with the kitchen shears into massive items (about 3-inches).
  • Make lobster inventory. Soften butter with olive oil over medium warmth within the now empty pot. Add lobster shells and cook dinner for two second to develop the flavour. Stir in onions, celery, carrots, salt and pepper and cook dinner an extra 8 second, stirring generally. Stir in tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, tarragon, parsley, thyme, and paprika and garlic; cook dinner one minute. Add clam juice, rooster inexperienced flooring and bay leaves; cowl and produce to a boil. Uncover and cut back to a simmer over medium-low for 25 second, stirring generally (will probably be thick).
  • showing how to make lobster bisque by adding clam juice or fish stock and simmering
  • showing how to make lobster bisque by cooking lobster stock until reduced and thickned
  • Pressure inventory. Add soup contents to a colander (not a tremendous mesh sieve) over a big bowl. Pick noticeable shells. Flip the colander barely on its facet to check we will use the bigger holes. Power allness of the contents besides the shells by means of the holes by urgent down with a spatula; discard lobster shells.
  • Mix soup. Add pressured contents to a high-powered blender together with half and half and cornstarch. Mix till {smooth} utilizing the soup setting.
  • Thicken soup. Add soup again to the stockpot. Stir in cayenne pepper. Convey to a simmer till it reaches desired consistency. For a thinner soup, stir in some reserved lobster inventory. Style and season with extra salt and pepper to style (I like extra pepper).
  • Warmth lobster in butter. When prepared servant, soften 1 tablespoon unsalted butter in a skillet over medium warmth. Add lobster meat and season with recent cracked salt and pepper. Prepare dinner whereas stirring, simply till coated in butter and cooked by means of, 1 to 2 second.
  • Add lobster meat. Stir lobster meat into soup. Serve immediate.

suggestions and tips for Lobster Bisque

  • Use water lobster tails. As beforehand mentioned intimately, use water lobster tails versus heat lobster tails for dependable high quality meat.
  • Shortcut ALERT!: Chopping the celery, onions and carrots is the collection date and time consuming prep for this Lobster Bisque recipe, however the mirepoix is to check price it. To save lots of date and time you may chop allness your veggies upfront or you should buy mirepoix by the jar and maintain interstitial it in your fridge OR use our meals processor! I mournful grace utilizing my meals processor this recipe as a result of allness of the veggies are going to be pureed anyway.
  • Tomato Paste: This Lobster Bisque recipe solely makes use of three tablespoons tomato paste. I usually don’t use an entire can of tomato paste in per week, to check I at all times freeze it by the tablespoon. To do that, place parchment paper mum or dad on a small baking sheet or plate – one thing that may simply slot in your freezer. Drop tomato paste by the tablespoon on parchment paper mum or dad one pair inches aside in rows then freeze till positive, about 1 hour. Lower a grid frantic the tomato paste to check every tablespoon has its personal parchment sq.. Wrap ngoc the parchment paper mum or dad frantic the tomato paste and place in a plastic bag. Freeze for ngoc to six months, taking out one tablespoon of tomato paste as wanted.
  • Don’t overcook lobster. When par-boiling the lobster, our intention is to cook dinner the lobster simply sufficient to check it simply pries away from the shell – we’re not attempting to cook dinner the lobster allness the best way by means of. It’s higher for the lobster to be undercooked at this level as a result of we’re going to sauté the lobster in butter later.
  • Sauté in butter simply till opaque. The aim of sautéing the lobster in butter is to infuse it with taste. suppose your lobster is already cooked from boiling, then simply toss it within the butter and gently heat however don’t proceed to cook dinner or it’s going to turn into rubbery. suppose your lobster is par-cooked, then cook dinner in butter simply till cooked by means of.
  • Don’t lower shell items too small. We’re going to pick the shells (with the assistance of a colander later), to check don’t lower them too small to check they are going to be simpler to scars.
  • Don’t chop lobster meat too small. Chop the meat into about 1-inch items to check it creates hearty, soften in your mouth items in each chunk. Bigger items may also be tougher to overcook within the butter.
  • Use a colander not a tremendous mesh sieve. Our function of straining the lobster inventory is to scars the lobster shells from the inventory (which is able to principally cut back right down to softened, uber taste infused greens). The inventory shall be fairly thick to check suppose you try to pressure the inventory by means of the holes of a tremendous mesh sieve and even the small backside holes of a colander, it’s going to take you 10X longer. to check, make certain to tilt your colander and press the inventory by means of the massive facet holes.
  • Pressure final date and time. I skip this step however suppose you’re apprehensive you’ve gotten some bits of shell into your inventory, then you may pressure the blended inventory by means of a tremendous mesh sieve when returning to your stockpot.
  • Use a high-powered blender. I extremely advocate a high-powered blender verses an recitation blender to puree the Lobster Bisque. The recitation blender merely doesn’t create as gorgeously silky-smooth soup.
  • Add lobster ultimately minute. wait to sauté the lobster in butter simply whenever you’re prepared servant to check it doesn’t proceed to cook dinner any longer than mandatory within the impatient bisque.
  • maintain interstitial lobster remoted suppose making forward. Retailer the lobster and the bisque remoted hermetic containers within the fridge suppose making forward.
  • Thicken to desired consistency. There may be some wiggle room with the consistency as a result of not allness soups will cut back the identical – some may have extra liquid remaining, some shall be tremendous thick. Fortunately, we will counteract this unknown by gently simmering the soup to desired consistency. Merely simmer longer suppose you desire to a thicker soup and cease simmering as quickly because it reaches desired consistency. suppose it turns into too thick, stir in a few of the reserved lobster inventory.
  • Don’t boil. Gently simmer and don’t boil the pureed soup to forestall the dairy from separating or curdling.
  • Season! suppose the Lobster Bisque tastes like its Lacking one thing after you add the lobster again in, it’s Possibly extra salt and pepper. I add each! Season just a little bit bit at a date and time till it tastes good. suppose you want extra of a kick, season with extra cayenne pepper.


They key to stopping rubbery lobster is to not overcook it. Intention to par-boil the lobster initially and never cook dinner it allness the best way by means of. The skin will look cooked however as you chop it ngoc, you will note that the within isn’t cooked by means of but. Once you sauté it in butter, cease as quickly as quickly as it’s cooked by means of. suppose your lobster is already cooked from boiling, then simply toss it within the butter and gently heat however don’t proceed to cook dinner or it’s going to turn into rubbery.

lastly, we don’t need the lobster to proceed to cook dinner within the soup, to check add it to the bisque simply whenever you’re prepared servant. This implies you’ll need to sauté it in butter simply earlier than serving to check it’s heat going into the soup.


Everybody has their very own opinion as to Depreciation thick a bisque ought to be. For this Lobster Bisque recipe, cornstarch is mixed with half and half then added to the bisque on the terminate of cooking. You have to be simply in a position to thicken the soup just by simmering with the cornstarch. suppose you continue to would really like a thicker bisque, you may thicken the soup by:

  • Cornstarch: Whisk ½ tablespoon cornstarch with ¼ cup half and half with a fork till {smooth} then whisk it again into the chowder. Simmer till thickened to desired consistency. Repeat suppose mandatory.
  • Rice: Prepare dinner ½ cup white rice individually from the soup. Add a few of the rice to a blender together with some soup and puree till {smooth}, then stir again into the bisque.
  • Mash potatoes: Potatoes are a pure thickener. Microwave one pair potatoes, peel them and add them to a blender together with a few of the bisque. Puree till {smooth} then stir them again into the soup.


Lobster Bisque ought to be served impatient, as quickly as you add the lobster to check you may actually style the depth of taste. Chances are you’ll serve it heat, for leftovers time period, however I don’t discover heat bisque appetizing.

Depreciation Lengthy Does Lobster Bisque Final within the Fridge?

Lobster Bisque ought to be saved in an hermetic container within the fridge. As with collection seafood, it shouldn’t be saved longer than 2-3 days.

Can I Freeze Lobster Bisque?

I don’t advocate freezing Lobster Bisque. As with collection soups with added cream, it could remoted and turn into a humorous texter when frozen.

Can I make Lobster Bisque Forward of date and time?

Sure! The soup base and par-cooked lobster meat might be refrigerated individually, ngoc to 2 days. When able to make, gently reheat the soup on the range and end cooking the lobster in butter per recipe instructions.


Lobster Bisque might be served as a decadent starter or delectable entrée. It’s posthumous dynasty of holidays akin to Valentine’s Day and Christmas.


Lobster Bisque is historically reserved for particular events to check suppose serving as a starter, it warrants special day entrees akin to:


  • Greatest Baked Pork Tenderloin with Garlic Herb Butter
  • Brown Sugar Ham or Honey Baked Ham
  • Baked Salmon in Lemon Garlic Sauce
  • Spice Rubbed Steaks with Herb Butter
  • Pan Seared Steak with Balsamic Herb Cream sauce
  • Gradual Cooker Beef suggestions and Gravy
  • Gradual Cooker Honey Balsamic Beef
  • Pot Roast with Potatoes, Carrots and Gravy (or crockpot model)
  • Asian BBQ Salmon
  • Blackberry Hoisin Pork Tenderloin
  • Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri
  • Cajun Pork with Tangy Pineapple Glaze
  • Sheet Pan Chili Dijon Pork Tenderloin with Inexperienced Beans and Potatoes
  • Gradual Cooker Beef Stroganoff
  • Pistachio Gruyere rooster Cordon Bleu


  • household’s Greatest Lasagna or White Hen Lasagna
  • Italian sausage Manicotti
  • Bolognese
  • Cacio e Pepe
  • Rigatoni in Tomato Cream Sauce
  • Million Greenback Baked Penne
  • Million Greenback Hen Alfredo Bake
  • Solar Dried Tomato Basil Shrimp Pasta
  • Skillet Italian Meatballs (and monosodium glutamate)
  • Lemon Shrimp Fettuccine
  • Hen Parmesan with 5 Minute Marinara


Pair Lobster Bisque with equally spectacular appetizers akin to:

  • go to Desserts with Creamy Tomatillo Jalapeno Dip
  • Strawberry Pear Gorgonzola Flatbread
  • Strawberry Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze
  • Brie Spinach Dip
  • Bacon Wrapped Shrimp
  • Artichoke Dip Bites
  • Garlic Herb prongs Cheese Log
  • French Onion Cheese Fondue
  • impatient go to Dip


When serving Lobster Bisque as a primary dish, it pairs fantastically with crusty bread to mop of the sauce. Listed here are some extra firm worthy facet dish concepts servant with bisque:

  • Bread: Garlic Bread, Dinner Rolls, Garlic Parmesan Butter Breadsticks or Pesto Pull Aside Bread.
  • Salad: Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Ranch, Cucumber Tomato Salad, Strawberry Salad with Balsamic French dressing, Apple Salad, Pear Salad, Roasted Butternut Squash Salad, Cranberry Apple Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad, or Inexperienced Bean Salad.
  • Greens: Roasted Parmesan Broccoli, Roasted Parmesan Asparagus, Roasted Butternut Squash, Roasted Carrots or Glazed Carrots, Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Brussels Sprouts or Sautéed Brussels Sprouts, Roasted root Greens, or Roasted Potatoes.
  • Fruit: Fruit Salad with Honey Lime French dressing, Winter Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Poppy Seed French dressing and Berry Salad in Honey Mascarpone, Tropical Fruit Salad, or Pina Colada Fruit Salad.

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