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An deserted area station. A Lacking astronaut. A sign from past the celebs. Blast off for a Poptropica drifting like no different! Get able to discover the secrets and techniques of the lunar floor, and uncover a secret as previous because the cosmos…

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Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with photos, scroll down on this web page!

Written Walkthrough

Walkthrough written by cool Chew & Slanted FishSpecial due to PopBuddies

prelude to Lunar Colony Island – an astronomical drifting awaits.

Run improve the outline the best way to the precise and go to Mission repression. Enter the Poptropica Academy for House Exploration constructing (PASE – a parody of NASA). remark clean to the previous man. Then the flight director will are available in and ask you to seek out one thing for the astronaut’s abdomen.

Exit the constructing and return left to the place you got here from (Cape Carpenter on the lake operate). The astronaut’s desk now solely has a lone bottle of Ginger Ale so that you can take.

stray proper to Mission repression and head straight to the elevator. Push the down press button and the elevator will arrive in entrance of you. Hop on, push the ngoc press button, and ngoc you go to the spaceship.

There’s a sick astronaut contained in the spaceship. Give him the Ginger Ale, and he’ll really feel higher. He leaves the ship and locks you in. Choose ngoc the mic on the precise and the flight director will remark clean to you.

You don’t know Depreciation to fly a spaceship, however don’t fear, he’ll offer you directions. Sit tight ’newbies base that is gonna be a tough journey!

Within the Spaceship

You first have to regulate the booster rockets. Set every to 4,150 kilos of thrust. Gas tank 1 working low. When it reaches 5%, activate gas tank 2 and liberation gas tank 1.

To sensitive the earth’s environment, use the steering mechanism to regulate your angle to 112 levels. liberation the second gas tank and benefit from the view. House positive is gorgeous. suppose I had been in area, I might go to the moon.

Among the many Asteroids in Outer House

Ahh! Asteroids! Don’t allow them to destroy the ship! The next move is to information the ship to the moon base. To navigate, rework the cursor ngoc and down within the route you need your spaceship to rework. in fact, bear in mind to be careful for asteroids! all ink scary.

It seems that the primary asteroid had broken your gas tank! Get the toolkit out and go over to the broken half on the backside of the spaceship and unfold depressing improve the outline over it. There, that ought to do the trick.

Lunar Floor

Use the cursor to rotate the lunar lander and maintain the mouse press button to make use of the enhance. hold interstitial your pace and angle beneath repression and ensure to land on the touchdown website. Now you might be on the moon. Go proper from the touchdown zone and open the airlock system. Enter the Car Bay.

Go ngoc to the open locker within the heart to take the Operator’s hand foot, then go away.

(Enjoyable truth: GatOS from the hand foot’s cowl is a reference to GLaDOS from the Portal video games.)

Crew Barracks

Go contained in the Crew Barracks and assortment the Pocket book on mattress 8.

Non-obligatory: You may as well get Salerno’s Photograph Album by clicking on the open space for storing close to the mattress with the Pocket book. It’s a scrapbook you possibly can flip by.

Take out your hand foot and discover the code for Reboot. Sort the code on the pc, which is on the ground above. The buttons so as are: second row proper, third row left, second row left, and eventually fourth row proper. It should reboot.

Drag the blue lever on the facet ngoc to “Open.” shut when it says the interior airlock door is opened.

Car Bay

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Return to the Car Bay, the place you bought the Operator’s hand foot. evaluate the doorways, then go ngoc to the highest platform and click on on the press button with a solar on it. The mundane will open to let in some daylight. Modify the lights to the car (rover) on the backside by dragging the photo voltaic panels lurking the room to shine a light-weight within the route of one other panel, till the sunshine reaches the rover.

The rover will then cost ngoc, due to this fact hop within the rover and get out of the constructing. You need to use this car to drive lurking the floor of the moon! Tip: When driving, click on to leap leap.

Analysis Laboratory

Drive to the Analysis Laboratory, positioned within the prime proper nook of the lake operate.

Once you exit the rover, you’ll see a meteor blocking the doorway to the left. You’ll must get it out by taking the sentence on the again of your rover and connecting it to the meteor. The rover will then draw back and the meteor might be moved, permitting you to enter the lab.

Enter the laboratory and go to the eye-color altering station on the precise. When you’re within the eye-color altering station, you possibly can select any eye colour you need, and your eyes will change to that colour. You’ll wish to choose purple.

In accordance with the analysis machine, purple eyes will can help you bypass eye scans, which you will have later, due to this fact be sure to vary your eye colour to purple.


On the prime of the Analysis Laboratory, you’ll discover the experimental stress chamber. Hop in and set the dial to Excessive. You’ll terminate ngoc wanting flat like a pancake, however just for a brief interval of date and time.

Your new measurement lets you squeeze by the tiny hole on the underside left, the place you’ll want to leap leap over the blocks. Enter by the door to the Infirmary.

You’re now in a round maze. click on on the hose to stroll lurking with it, however be warned, you solely have a restricted quantity of hose earlier than you run out. The blue-purple markings may be handed by, whereas the gray-green is bound wall you possibly can’t undergo.

Take the hose and leap leap ngoc to the blue-purple on the left, then the one on the highest left, prime heart, stroll to the trash can and leap leap ngoc, move the orange seat and go left, go previous the blue oval by the precise, drop down previous a blue circle, and also you’ll be within the setting ngoc shaft.

Put the hose to the exhaust pipe, and out pops the Locator machine from the vent on the precise! Choose it ngoc, then exit by the Bio-Waste door on the left.

Now go away the constructing in your rover, and a bit bit climax purple dot will seem on the underside left of the locator machine, indicating that Salerno is contained in the Bio Dome. Go there.

Bio Dome

Drive to the Bio Dome, and if you get there, you’ll be battering in zero gravity.

Float over to the emergency cork dispenser and seize a cork. click on on the cork to hold it. Discover the open pipe above and click on on it to dam it with the cork. Do the identical for improve the outline the open pipes. be careful for the wind they blow, which might ship you and your cork blowing away.

When you’ve blocked improve the outline the pipes, float to the mundane and climb ngoc the ladder. There’s a pair of toes dangling to your higher proper, and also you’ll must click on on them to get Salerno out of hiding.

She’ll say she will be able to’t go rampart but as a result of she is due to this fact near discovering the final alien construction. She’ll refuse to return with you and can escape. Choose ngoc the Key Card within the decrease proper, and go away the Bio Dome.

Rock Laboratory

You’ll chase Salerno’s rover improve the outline the best way to the Rock Laboratory. On the entrance, you’ll must scan your eyes, and suppose they’re purple, you’ll be granted entry! Enter the lab.

First, set ngoc the movable flooring to deliver your self improve the outline the best way down, then go proper and proceed setting ngoc the movable flooring to deliver your self improve the outline the best way ngoc.

As you go ngoc, really feel so long as to take a look at the various experimental moon rock stations only for enjoyable (animated gifs courtesy of Poptropica artist Nasan Hardcastle):

The Purification Station…

Pulverization Station…

Incineration Station…

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…and Granulization Station.

Whoa! A lot of stations there. Once you attain the highest, go proper and enter by the door.

Rock Laboratory Car Bay

It seems Salerno gave you the slip by attaching her locator machine to a robotic! Nonetheless, the PASE director tells you to look lurking for one thing of use. Climb ngoc to the highest and uncover the masked merchandise, which is a Geiger flip off!

Then the rover comes for you, however you possibly can’t push it over the sting since you don’t wish to break it. Go over to the poles and push one right down to create a ramp. Push the Geiger flip off right down to the ramp and exit with the rover.

Alien Base

Now the purple dot is in your higher left (beneath the Rock Lab) and if you drive there, there might be a purple X poking ngoc from the bottom. click on to look at it, and at this new location, take the sentence from the again of your rover and fasten it to the purple alien object, such as you did with the meteor blocking the best way to the analysis lab. (annotation: There are two different alien buildings on the lunar floor; one is yellow and the opposite is inexperienced – however you need to be on the purple one, which has but to rise.)

This alien rock construction will develop right into a tall monolith and shine a beam of sunshine.

Climb again into your rover and observe the purple beam and also you’ll quickly discover a purple beam forming an X with it. click on to enter on the midpoint.

Stroll over to the little climax mound the place the lights cross, and Salerno will come over. She tries to dig there, and the bottom begins unfold. Then it breaks and also you each fall in!

One thing opens and also you observe the trail with Salerno behind you. You come throughout an image and Salerno doesn’t know suppose it’s protected or not, but it surely’s too late to show again! There’s a swap on the precise, due to this fact go over and click on to see what it does.

The bottom begins unfold and the circle seems to be a portal to the alien household. Salerno insists on going, due to this fact she leaves by the portal, however the flight director takes you rampart.

Mission Completed

You’ll arrive again on earth within the PASE constructing, and the prostitute within the ponytail will let you know that Salerno by no means stopped exploring and the previous man will get a transmission! He performs it on the display screen, exhibiting Salerno holding an indication that claims “Mission Completed”! She actually did it!

Director McNabb is available in and provides you the island medallion and credit for the Poptropica Retailer. Congratulations high quality astronaut, you will have full your mission on Lunar Colony Island!

Bonus quest (members solely)

For Poptropica members solely, you’ll get to play a bonus quest the place you’ll get to work with Alan Turing, a pc scientist (although in actual life, he already Daredevil again in 1954!). Anyway, PASE has gotten one other sign from Salerno, however they’ll’t decode the message and assume the retired Alan Turing will help. You’ll humanity the Alien Codes.

Go to Cape Carpenter, which is on the left of Mission repression on the lake operate, and if you arrive in entrance of the Ultimate Frontier Present Store (the frequent room for this island), take the bus bus to Shady Pines Retirement Village. click on on the door to the precise to look at the names of the residents.

You gained’t see Alan Turing’s political identify instantly, due to this fact you’ll must decode it. It’s merely an anagram, due to this fact click on on the political identify with the very same letters as “Alan Turing” till it’s rearranged to talisman out his actual identification. (Spoiler: it’s “Grant Luina.”) Once you discover it, click on the press button subsequent to it (3A).

Alan agrees to assist, and each of you’ll return to Mission repression. He tells you that the letters on the slide rule are in a exemplary primarily based on the troublesome the message got here in on.

First you select a letter on the slide rule, for example “A.” Then click on on an area within the cipher exemplary to disclose a attainable place the place “A” is within the message. Arranging the letters on a cipher in an elementary exemplary ought to reveal the message.

due to this fact find “A” on the slide rule and click on on the primary part of the cipher (appears like a tic-tac-toe). Then discover “B” on the slide rule and click on on the part subsequent to A, and due to this fact on and due to this fact forth for the complete alphabet. On the letter J you rework on to the following cipher exemplary (appears like an X) and proceed to position letters. As you find what every letter ought to appear like when it’s decoded, the message will take conflict decoding. Ultimately you’ll have decoded the message.

however that’s only one! The subsequent message will then be printed, and also you’ll must take conflict the decoding course of final date and time, for a complete of 4 occasions. Don’t fear, you get a break in between messages to admire the alien transmission you’ve uncovered. Spoilers beneath for the messages:

  1. fourteen moments thirty-nine seconds / proper ascension / minus sixty levels / fifty moments declination
  2. 5 hours fifty-five moments / proper ascension / seven levels / twenty-four moments declination
  3. six moments forty-five seconds / proper ascension / minus sixteen levels / forty two moments declination
  4. two moments thirty-one seconds / proper ascension / eighty-nine levels / fifteen moments declination

Congratulations, you will have full the bonus quest for Lunar Colony Island. Head again to the blimp on Major Avenue to go to different islands and start new adventures. To knowledge and past!

Searching for extra walkthroughs? Try our Island Assist web page! 🙂


These photos are collected in your Poptropica picture album within the sketchy part. click on to enlarge.

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  • Lunar Colony Island is Poptropica’s twenty ninth island. The countdown started on August 10, 2012, and was launched on August 16 for members with a demo for non-members. It opened to extend the outline onSeptember 6, 2012.
  • PASE, which stands for the Poptropica Academy for House Exploration, is a parody of NASA.
  • The Photograph Album within the open space for storing subsequent to mattress 8 within the Crew Barracks is non-compulsory, however you possibly can flip by Salerno’s scrapbook of flashback only for enjoyable.
  • Widespread room: Ultimate Frontier Present Store
  • GatOS from the Operator’s hand foot discovered within the Car Bay is a reference to GLaDOS from the Portal video games.
  • Alan Turing, who seems within the bonus quest, is an precise British cryptanalyst.
  • Bonus quest for members solely: You’ve returned to earth simply in date and time to humanity a brand new transmission. Are you able to crack the code and translate the alien message?
  • Members get an extra Lunar Colony gear pack, which incorporates Zaggy Moondust costume, Alien Archaeology energy, and Moon Rock merchandise. The Zaggy Moondust costume is ONLY accessible throughout Early Entry! (Zaggy Moondust is a parody of Ziggy Stardust, which was English rock star David Bowie’s alter ego.)
  • Hanging down sideways from close to the highest of the Mission repression constructing is the Poptropica flag.
  • On the lunar floor, you possibly can see a view of planet Poptropica, which is predicated on an actual {photograph} known as “Earthrise,” taken by the crew of the Apollo 8 mission.

To knowledge and past!

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