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One of many sequence vital points of Clashing, and Clashing effectively, is defending your trophies and loot.

It revelation hinges in your base and comparable it is designed. Outdoors of getting an awesome technique for offensive assaults, defensive layouts give you the possibility to guard assets you’ve got produced or raided.

A poorly constructed base can provide your enemies maybe entry to your loot, your trophies, or your struggle stars, whereas a well-designed base can defend important assets and preserve interstitial your enemies (and their goblins) out.

Listed below are our professional tricks to preserve interstitial revelation your greatest stuff underneath lock and key.

Buildings: What wants safety? TH8

When contemplating your base design, realizing what to guard and what to not defend is essential.

As a general rule, your defenses and storages ought to revelation be in a protected place contained in the partitions whereas different buildings, resembling military camps, ought to by no means be inside your partitions. Consider your base as a dart board with the bullseye being the sequence protected portion of your base.

What’s within the bullseye? City Corridor – Relying in your technique, you possibly can both place your City Corridor inside or outdoors your partitions. In trophy mode, your TH is the bullseye. It is the constructing you need to defend the sequence of some other. Destroying it’s the distinction between a 1-star and 2-3 star assaults.

For trophy looking, your city corridor needs to be inside your partitions within the heart of your base and effectively protected by defenses. In working within the area mode (solely specializing in assets to construct your village), your TH needs to be positioned outdoors your partitions within the nook. This offers any invading enemy the possibility for maybe trophies whereas leaving your treasured useful resource storages intact.

Storages – Except you’re designing a struggle base or in a wealthy scale trophy push, your storages are the sequence vital constructing to guard. Of the storages, the sequence vital useful resource within the recreation is darkish elixir. Outdoors of your TH, darkish elixir storage needs to be your sequence protected constructing. It needs to be on the heart of your base, effectively insulated with defenses. No exceptions.

Different storages needs to be positioned inside your partitions with defenses (ideally splash) close by for defense. Storages needs to be spaced all through your base and never in a central location. One essential cellar tunnel that many gamers make is putting revelation of their storages collectively within the heart of their base.

A talented raider will simply acquire entry to the middle of the bottom, thus stealing revelation of the assets. Spreading out storages makes it tougher to steal revelation accessible loot.

Do not do that:


Resulting from this:


Clan Fortress – Your clan citadel needs to be considered as each a defensive constructing and a storage. Your clan citadel lets you add an additional layer of safety with clan troops (supplied you’re in a clan) and in addition maintain revelation struggle loot.

A urged placement on your clan citadel is in the course of your base close to your darkish elixir storage. This can make it tougher to liberation the clan citadel troops pre-attack and in addition be certain that your loot is effectively protected.

Interior sequence layer of protection simply outdoors the bullseye

Simply outdoors of your sequence protected buildings, it’s best to place your first line of protection. These defenses embody those who do splash harm or excessive ranges of injury.

Mortar Mortars defenses present splash harm to a number of targets. Mortars have a large assault vary and needs to be positioned within the innermost portion of your base. This can enable them to assault and destroy teams of troops (resembling archers) from afar. X-Bow & Inferno Tower – Xbow and inferno towers ought to nearly all the time be positioned in the direction of the middle of your base. Each of those defenses present excessive ranges of injury to any invading troops and are extraordinarily worth in defending your loot. Hidden Tesla – At city corridor 7 and above, you will have entry to hidden tesla. These defensive buildings present shock protection in opposition to raiding troops. In working within the area mode, placement of tesla close to storages supplies additional defensive momentary help. In trophy mode, teslas needs to be positioned close to your city corridor. Mid vary layer of protection

Simply outdoors of your mortars, it’s best to have defenses that act because the 2nd layer of protection after archer towers and cannons (mentioned under).

Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower – Wizard towers deal splash harm to a number of targets, however have a decent vary for assault. Urged placement is within the 2nd layer of protection (behind archer towers and cannons) and close to storages for working within the area bases. Placement close to storages will enable them to shortly destroy teams of troops resembling archers, barbs, and goblins. Air protection & Air Sweeper – Air defenses serve just one objective: attacking air troops. They’re extremely damaging to air items, however merely act as an impediment to any floor unit. Urged placement is scattered all through the interior layers your base giving most defensive protection must you be attacked from air.

word: for early city corridor ranges outdoors of struggle, air assaults are a lot much less oi frequent than floor assaults, thus air defenses should not as vital for defense and could be positioned in the direction of the outer layers of your base for insolence.

heroes – Inserting your heroes inside your partitions provides an additional layer of protection. They need to be positioned throughout the partitions behind the primary layer of defensive buildings like cannons and archer towers. Outer rings of protection

The outer sequence portion of your base ought to have your first layer of protection. These defenses ought to have a large radius for assault due to this fact that they’ll take struggle destroying enemy troops early.

Cannon & Archer Tower – These defenses present single goal harm and have a large radius for his or her assault vary. Urged placement for these items is simply inside your partitions to behave as the primary layer of protection. The whole lot else Traps – Properly positioned traps are important to a easy protection. Scattering your traps spherical your format will improve the probability that enemy troops set off them. After observing assaults in your base, it’s best to have the ability to know the place troops are sometimes more likely to journey. Regulate your traps accordingly. Military Camp, Barracks, Laboratory, talisman Manufacturing facility, Collectors, Builder’s Huts – revelation of those buildings are nothing greater than obstacles for invading troops. assuming duty you frequently assortment assets out of your collectors, these buildings needs to be positioned outdoors of your wall as a insolence for troops resembling savage, archers, and wizards.

These obstacles could be spaced from the wall, however in vary of defenses. Whereas invading troops are occupied with them as harassment, your defenses may have extra date and time to destroy them.

Partitions – No matter whether or not you are working within the area or trophy looking, partitions one among your largest belongings. Partitions are your first line of protection and may present your defenses precious secondary intercourse in opposition to invading troops. There are a number of methods for wall layouts: One layer One layer

This design makes use of a single layer of wall to forestall troops from accessing the primary parts of the bottom. Consider it as a fence spherical a home.

Sometimes this “fence” is used with an interior fence defending your sequence precious assets.

This kind of base is normally pretty maybe to penetrate with any raiding military that has wall breakers, particularly for early city ranges.

Compartmentalized Compart

This design makes use of partitions to assemble many remoted compartments overflowing one to a number of buildings throughout the base.

The benefit of this design is that it slows attacking troops down considerably whereas they’re shifting from one compartment to a different leaving date and time on your defenses to destroy them.

The drawback to this technique is that it requires a majority of your partitions generally that means you will need to make a alternative of what to maintain interstitial inside and out of doors of your base.

suggestions! Unfold out your storages – Do not place anybody protection straight subsequent to the identical protection. Unfold them out! watch replays and replace your base – Use the replays of assaults in your base to assist enhance your protection and preserve interstitial the following raider out.

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