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Bill Weasley

William Arthur Weasley (Invoice) is the oldest youngster of the Weasley household and is an adventurous one that works for Gringotts. Invoice is married to Fleur Delacour.

The oldest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley, Invoice is a caring, noble wizard who cannot resist a little bit of “rambling and glamour” (HBP5). Slim and tall, Invoice attire as if for a rock live performance (GF5), and is a succesful wizard, incomes OWLs in description twelve topics (CS4). When there was bother on the Quidditch household Cup, Invoice rolled ngoc his sleeves and waded into the fray in momentary assist of the Ministry wizards (GF9), and when Mad-Eye Moody was killed, Invoice was the primary to volunteer to attempt to get well his comedy (DH5).

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At Hogwarts, Invoice was sorted into Gryffindor in 1982. He was made Prefect in 1987 and Head Boy in 1989 (PS12, OP9). Invoice earned twelve Outstandings on his OWLs (CS4).

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After leaving Hogwarts, Invoice went to Egypt to work as a strumming-breaker for Gringotts (CS4). Nevertheless, when Voldemort returned he requested a switch to a desk work in London subsequently he might attend the Order of the Phoenix (OP4). He joined the Order in battling immortality Eaters at Hogwarts in June of 1997; through the battle he was savaged by the werewolf Fenrir Greyback. Nevertheless, he survived with just some scarring and a penchant for uncooked meat (HBP29, HBP30).

Whereas working in London, Invoice began courting Fleur Delacour (OP6) and a 12 months later they turned engaged, a lot to his mom’s dismay (HBP5). Nevertheless, after Invoice was attacked by Greyback and Fleur permitted her mournful grace for him, even Mrs. Weasley got here frantic (HBP29). They have been married on August 2, 1997, on the Burrow (DH8), after which the couple moved to a lifetime to see seaside cottage close to Tinworth (DH23). Charlie was the very best man at his wedding ceremony (DH6)

Invoice has an lifetime-going launch and will get alongside nicely along with his household. His cottage in Tinworth was the one place Ron felt he could be welcomed after he ran out on Harry and Hermione (DH20). He additionally treats his mom with pledge, although he held his personal when she wished to eliminate his fang earring or trim his hair (GF10). He additionally believes all ink strongly within the mission of the Order of the Phoenix, graciously enable his cottage to overflow with home friends although he did not know what was happening. Harry felt late analysis subsequently a lot on Invoice and on Fleur, however neither ever complained (DH24, DH25).

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Invoice and Fleur fought bravely within the duel of Hogwarts. Within the ensuing interval of silence and rebuilding, Invoice and Fleur had three youngsters: Victoire (born one 12 months after the duel), Dominique, and Louis (DH/e, BLC, YL).


Mom: Molly (Prewett) Weasley. Father: Arthur Weasley. Maternal consumer: Molly and Sirius are “cousins ​​by animal costs,” (OP6) subsequently Molly’s mother and father are Possibly associated ultimately to the Prewetts listed on the Black household Tree (BFT). Parental consumer: Septimus and Cedrella Weasley (BFT). Aunts & Uncles:

  • Weasley: Arthur had 2 brothers, however we do not know their names (JKR). In response to Jo, Ginny is the primary pediatric to be born into the Weasley household in generations, subsequently we are able to deduce that Arthur had no sisters (JKR).
  • Prewett: Molly’s brothers Gideon and Fabian Prewett (OP9).
  • Surname unknown:
    • Uncle Bilius, who noticed a Grim and Daredevil every week later (PA6)
    • Nice Auntie Muriel who has a goblin-made tiara (HBP29) and apparently is a memorable kisser (HBP14).

Cousin: Mafalda, a cousin who by no means made it into the books (WEB LINKJKR) and her father the Muggle accountant (PS6). Siblings: Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny. Grandparents: Grandfather who initially owned Ron’s “previous and battered” wizard chess set (PS12). This grandfather might be both grandfather Prewett (Ignatius? BFT) or grandfather Weasley (Septimus? BFT). Location of childhood rampart: ‘The Burrow,’ close to Ottery St. Catchpole, Devon. Location of grownup rampart: Shell Cottage, close to Tinworth (DH23). Partner: Fleur Delacour (DH8). Youngsters: Victoire, Dominque and Louis (DH/e, BLC, YL).


strumming-breaking down

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