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Prime Pc Engineering and Pc Science Schools in USA

  • Pc Science and Engineering is a mix of {hardware} and software program whereas a grasp in Pc Science will likely be extra software program oriented.
  • The two packages may be supplied by a College on the graduate stage through 2 totally different departments. It is very important examine the course curriculum to resolve which program to use for.
  • The beneath listing is the rating from US Information, some of the genuine US journals, for Pc Science and Engineering packages.
S. No. College Identify State Rank Tution Payment Acceptance (%) Fall / Spring Deadlines Avg GRE / TOEFL
1 Massachusetts Institute of Expertise  MA 1 $48,140  23.6 15-Dec 166 /108
2 Carnegie Mellon College   PA 2 $43,000  22.1 1-Dec 166/104 
3 College of California – Berkeley   CA 2 $26,322  22.5 6-Jan 165 /90
4 College of Illinois – Urbana – Champaign   IL 2 $32,628  32.8 15-Dec 166 /102
5 Georgia Institute of Expertise   GA 5 $27,872  35.2 rolling 164 /104
6 College of Michigan – Ann Arbor  MI 6 $45,974  34.8 15-Jan 166 /N/A
7 Cornell College  NY 7 $29,500  33.8 rolling 165 /N/A
8 College of Texas – Austin (Cockrell)  TX 7 $18,030  15.4 15-Dec 165 /104
9 California Institute of Expertise  CA  9 $45,846  N/A 1-Dec 169 /107
10 Princeton College  NJ 9 $45,320  5.4 1-Dec 167 /N/A
11 Purdue College – West Lafayette  IN 9 $29,134  30.1 1-Oct 164 /99
12 College of Washington  WA 9 $30,153  42.1 15-Dec 163 /92
13 College of Wisconsin – Madison  WI 9 $25,269  16.1 15-Dec 164 /92
14 College of California – San Diego (Jacobs)  CA 14 $26,322  30.3 15-Dec 166 /103
15 College of Southern California (Viterbi)  CA 14 $29,520  21.1 15-Jan/15-Jul 166 /90
16 Columbia College (Fu Basis)  NY 16 $44,592  27.2 15-Feb 167 /96
17 Harvard College  MA 17 $43,296  11.2 rolling 166 /107
18 Rice College (Brown)  TX 17 $43,220  32 30-Jan/1-Nov 166 /102
19 College of Pennsylvania  PA 17 $32,286  26.6 3-Dec 165 /105
20 Virginia Tech  VA 17 $27,644  18.4 1-Dec 162 /80
21 Ohio State College  OH 21 $32,376  14.5 30-Nov 164 /98
22 Pennsylvania State College – College Park  PA 21 $35,650  20.5 1-Mar 163 /80
23 Texas A&M College – Faculty Station  TX 21 $681( per credit score hour) 19.9 1-Mar/1-Aug 164 /80
24 Duke College (Pratt)  NC 24 $52,925  32.6 15-Jan 164 /90
25 Johns Hopkins College (Whiting)  MD 24 $50,410  42.8 15-Dec 166 /100
26 North Carolina State College  NC 24 $22,610  14.6 15-Dec 164 /80
27 Northwestern College (McCormick)  IL 24 $50,424  28.4 20-Apr 166 /80
28 College of Minnesota – Twin Cities  MN 24 $25,120  35.1 15-Nov 164 /79
29 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  NY 29 $49,520  22.7 1-Jan 164 /96
30 College of California – Irvine (Samueli)  CA 29 $30,243  17.9 rolling 164 /98
31 College of Florida  FL 29 $30,130  48.4 1-Feb 163 /101
32 Arizona State College (Fulton)  AZ 32 $28,186  47.9 1-Dec 162 /100
33 Brown College  RI 32 $50,224  32 11-Dec 165 /N/A
34 College of Colorado – Boulder  CO  32 $31,248  31.6 1-Dec 162 /103
35 College of Virginia  VA 32 $25,578  32.2 15-Dec 164 /100
36 Boston College  MA 36 $49,176  30 1-Could/1-Nov 164 /90
37 Northeastern College  MA 36 $1,471 per credit score 44.6 1-Feb 162 /97
38 College of Arizona  AZ 36  $30,124  51.4 1-Jun/15-Oct 162 /95
39 College of California – Davis  CA 36 $28,339  20.3 rolling 163 /98
40 College of Massachusetts – Amherst  MA 36 $29,644  34.5 1-Mar 163 /99
41 Washington College in St. Louis  MO 36 $48,950  44.3 1-Mar 165 /100
42 Yale College  CT 36 $39,800  18.6 2-Jan 168 /105
43 Rutgers, The State College of New Jersey – New Brunswick  NJ 43 $28,128  21.2 15-Sep 163 /N/A
44 College of Notre Dame  IN 43 $49,050  4.1 rolling 163 /80
45 College of Pittsburgh (Swanson)  PA 43 $41,222  40.4 1-Mar/1-Jul 162 /96
46 Dartmouth Faculty (Thayer)  NH 46 $49,998  19.3 15-Dec 164 /109
47 Iowa State College  IA 46 $23,024  18.2 15-Dec 167 /97
48 Washington State College  WA 46 $25,216  27.5 10-Jan/1-Jul 161 /80
49 Drexel College  PA 49 $1,192 per credit score  65.7 25-Sep/3-Apr 160 /82
50 Tufts College  MA 49 $50,520  60.1 15-Dec 162 /100
51 College of California – Riverside (Bourns)  CA 49 $26,322  27.2 1-Mar 162 /80
52 College of Rochester  NY 49 $1,538 per credit score  48.4 1-Feb 165 /102
53 College of Tennessee – Knoxville (Tickle)  TN 49 $31,252  33.5 1-Feb/15-Jun 160 /96
54 College of Texas – Dallas (Jonsson)  TX 49 $24,150  21.3 15-Jan/15-Could 162 /96
55 Case Western Reserve College  OH 55 $42,576  38.6 rolling 164 /96
56 Clemson College  SC 55 $21,532  29 rolling 158 /N/A
57 Lehigh College (Rossin)  PA 55 $1,420 per credit score 34.3 15-Jan 165 /99
58 Oregon State College  OR 55 $23,769  22.9 15-Jan 160 /97
59 Stony Brook College – SUNY  NY 55 $22,210  33.4 rolling 165 /100
60 College at Buffalo – SUNY  NY 55 $22,210  33.3 15-Jan 162 /99
61 College of California – Santa Cruz (Baskin)  CA 55 $26,322  39.1 3-Jan 164 /100
62 College of Maryland – Baltimore County  MD 55 $997 (per credit score hour) 51.1 1-Jan 157 /80
63 College of Utah  UT 55 $22,472  34.9 15-Dec 161 /80
64 Colorado State College  CO  64 $13,875  50.8 1-Feb 167 /92
65 Syracuse College  NY 64 $25,974  40.4 1-Jun/1-Oct 162/95
66 College of Central Florida  FL 64 $1,194 per credit score 45.8 15-Jan/1-Jul 160/97
67 College of Connecticut  CT 64 $34,762  21.8 28-Jul/15-Dec 163/94
68 College of Illinois – Chicago  IL 64 $27,860  15.8 15-Jan 160/80
69 College of Texas – Arlington  TX 64 $16,002  51.2 1-Apr/15-Sep 158/94
70 Auburn College (Ginn)  AL 70 $27,216  45.5 rolling 163/92
71 George Washington College  DC 70 $1,690 per credit score 48.7 15-Jan/1-Sep 163/91
72 Kansas State College  KS 70 $910 per credit score 37.5 8-Jan/1-Aug 162/97
73 Southern Methodist College (Lyle)  TX 70 $1,165 per credit score 68.3 15-Could/1-Sep 159/90
74 College of Delaware  DE 70 $1,720 per credit score 45.9 1-Could/1-Nov 169/95
75 College of Iowa  IA 70 $28,183  18.4 1-Jan 161/96


  • The deadlines must be reconfirmed from the official College web site earlier than making use of because the deadlines change with each educational cycle.
  • The Tuition charge right here doesn’t embody residing expense and it additionally modifications with each monetary yr
  • The acceptance to the above Universities are depending on many elements just like the GRE rating, educational GPA, initiatives undertaken, internships, work expertise, and so forth.

Pc engineer jobs have a excessive common wage, onerous emergence tempo, and boundless alternatives for specialization .
For future software program builders, software program engineers or programmers, a calibrate diploma in pc expertise combines coaching in electrical engineering and pc science. These are the highest faculties for calculator engineer. Every educate ’ randomness rating displays its common analysis on a scale from 1 ( fringy ) to five ( nice ), based mostly on a survey of lecturers at peer establishments .

greatest undergraduate electrical and pc engineering faculties

These expertise disciplines deal with telecommunications, cell mastermind and extra. These are the circus tent undergraduate faculties the place the very best engineering diploma supplied is a health care provider’s diploma .

Massachusetts Institute of Expertise

More Than 100,000 Accenture Employees Received World-Class Technology  Education Through 10-Year Collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of  Technology | Business Wire
Massachusetts Institute of Expertise is a personal establishment that was based in 1861. It has a complete undergraduate registration of 4,361 ( fall 2020 ), its typeset is city, and the campus dimension is 168 acres. It makes use of a 4-1-4-based educational calendar. Massachusetts Institute of Expertise ’ s rating within the 2022 version of Greatest Schools is Nationwide Universities, # 2. Its tutelage and charges are $ 55,878 .
Positioned exterior Boston in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT focuses on scientific and technological analysis and is split into 5 faculties. College inquiry expenditures have exceeded $ 700 million a yr, with fund from politics businesses such because the Division of Well being and Human Companies and Division of Protection. MIT ’ s extremely rank graduate faculties embody the College of Engineering and Sloan College of Administration, along with onerous packages in economics, psychology, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics and arithmetic. Freshmen are required to dwell on campus, and about 70 % of all undergraduates dwell on campus. Architect Steven Holl designed one dormitory, usually referred to as “ The Sponge. ” The Impartial Actions Program, a four-week situation in January, provides further programs, lectures, competitions and initiatives. Distinguished alumni embody Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, former U.N. Secretary Normal Kofi Annan and early Federal Reserve Financial institution Chairman Ben Bernanke .

College of California—Berkeley

Home | College of Chemistry
College of California—Berkeley is a public establishment that was based in 1868. It has a complete undergraduate registration of 30,980 ( fall 2020 ), its decide is metropolis, and the campus dimension is 1,232 acres. It makes use of a semester-based academician calendar. College of California—Berkeley ’ s rating within the 2022 version of Greatest Schools is Nationwide Universities, # 22. Its in-state tuition and charges are $ 14,361 ; out-of-state tutelage and charges are $ 44,115 .
The College of California—Berkeley, also known as Cal, is located overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Usually, 95 share or extra of incoming freshmen at Berkeley select to dwell on campus. There are greater than 1,000 pupil organizations, starting from political teams to a cling gliding membership and all the things in between. Berkeley moreover has a increase greek biography with dozens of brotherhood and sorority chapters. The California Golden Bears, Berkeley ’ s athletic groups, compete within the Pac-12 Convention and are recognized for his or her conventional arch competitors with Stanford College.

Berkeley has 14 faculties and faculties, together with a lot of graduate {and professional} faculties, such because the College of Optometry and the Graduate College of Journalism. different alumnus packages supplied embody these within the extremely rank Haas College of Enterprise, Graduate College of Training, Faculty of Engineering and College of Legislation .
Berkeley is properly often known as a hub of liberal scholar activism : The Free Speech Motion – a 1964 scholar protest at Berkeley in reply to the administration ’ s ban on political pure course of – gained widespread consideration. luminary alumni embody erstwhile U.S. Supreme Court docket Chief Justice Earl Warren, Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley and actor John Cho, recognized for his operate within the “ Harold and Kumar ” movies. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who labored on the event of the atomic bomb as scientific director of the Manhattan Challenge throughout World Warfare II, was a professor at Berkeley .

California Institute of Expertise

California Institute of Technology Ronald and Maxine Linde Hall of  Mathematics and Physics - HOK
California Institute of Expertise is a personal psychological hospital that was based in 1891. It has a full undergraduate registration of 901 ( fall 2020 ), its set is suburban, and the campus dimension is 124 acres. It makes use of a quarter-based educational calendar. California Institute of Expertise ’ s rating within the 2022 model of Greatest Schools is Nationwide Universities, # 9. Its tutelage and charges are $ 58,680 .
Caltech, which focuses on science and engineering, is situated in Pasadena, California, roughly 11 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Social and educational life at Caltech facilities on 11 scholar residences and homes, which the educate describes as “ autonomous be teams. ” Pupil homes incorporate an admired Caltech customized : dinners served by pupil waiters. merely freshmen are required to dwell on campus, however greater than 80 % of scholars stay of their signal of the zodiac for all 4 years. The Caltech Beavers have a rely of NCAA Division III groups that compete within the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Convention. Integral to pupil life is the Honor Code, which dictates that “ No penis of the Caltech neighborhood shall take unfair benefit of every other member of the Caltech residential district. ”
In accession to its undergraduate research, Caltech provides clear graduate packages in expertise and areas of science together with biology, chemistry, calculator talent, floor sciences, arithmetic and physics. Caltech produces a big measure of analysis, receiving grants from establishments akin to NASA, the Nationwide Science Basis and the Division of Well being and Human Companies, amongst others. Near 90 % of undergraduate college students take part in analysis whereas incomes their diploma. Caltech maintains a stable custom of pranking with the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise, one other top-ranked talent and expertise college. Firms akin to Intel, Compaq and Hotmail had been based by Caltech alumni. Well-known film director Frank Capra moreover graduated from Caltech .

Georgia Institute of Expertise

Georgia Institute of Technology -
Georgia Institute of Expertise is a public establishment that was based in 1885. It has a sum undergraduate registration of 16,561 ( fall 2020 ), its mise en scene is city, and the campus dimension is 400 acres. It makes use of a semester-based educational calendar. Georgia Institute of Expertise ’ s rating within the 2022 version of Greatest Schools is Nationwide Universities, # 38. Its in-state tutelage and charges are $ 12,682 ; out-of-state tutelage and charges are $ 33,794 .
Georgia Tech, situated within the affection of Atlanta, provides a variety of pupil actions. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, an NCAA Division I workforce, compete within the Atlantic Coast Convention and have a fierce competitors with the College of Georgia. Since 1961, the soccer workforce has been led onto the sector at dwelling plate video games by the Ramblin ’ Wreck, a regenerate 1930 Mannequin A Ford Sport Coupe. Georgia Tech has just a little however vibrant Greek neighborhood. Freshmen are supplied home, however aren ’ triiodothyronine required to dwell on campus. Along with its campuses in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia Tech has campuses in France, Eire, Costa Rica, Singapore and China .
Georgia Tech has six faculties. Its extremely ranked calibrate faculties embody the Faculty of Engineering and Scheller Faculty of Enterprise. Georgia Tech could be very energetic in inquiry. The Georgia Tech Analysis Institute conducts authorities and diligence inquiry, and the varsity ’ south efforts are key to the Georgia Analysis Alliance, which performs a task within the nation ’ s financial exploitation scheme. celebrated alumni embody Mike Duke, former president of the usa and CEO of Walmart ; Bobby Jones, founding father of The Masters golf match ; and former skilled baseball actor Nomar Garciaparra. John Heisman was Georgia Tech ’ s first full-time soccer coach, and the Heisman Memorial Trophy was named in his honor. The educate ’ s newspaper for workers and employees, The Whistle, is known as for the steam whistle within the Tech Tower that blows in intervals with the campus classify agenda, and every time the Yellow Jackets rating a landing .

College of Michigan—Ann Arbor

University of Michigan--Ann Arbor in United States - US News Best Global  Universities
College of Michigan—Ann Arbor is a public establishment that was based in 1817. It has a complete undergraduate registration of 31,329 ( descend 2020 ), its costume is metropolis, and the campus dimension is 3,207 acres. It makes use of a trimester-based academician calendar. College of Michigan—Ann Arbor ’ s rating within the 2022 version of Greatest Schools is Nationwide Universities, # 23. Its in-state tuition and charges are $ 16,178 ; out-of-state tuition and charges are $ 53,232 .

The college boasts of Ann Arbor, lone 45 minutes from Detroit, as the most effective school cities within the U.S. Freshmen are assured home however not required to dwell on campus. College students can be a part of one of many college ’ s greater than 1,500 pupil organizations or 62 greek chapters. Athletics play a central character at Michigan, together with the soccer workforce ’ s ferocious competitors with Ohio State. Michigan moreover provides extremely ranked graduate packages, together with the Stephen M. Ross College of Enterprise, Faculty of Engineering, Legislation College and Medical College, in summation to the well-regarded College of Dentistry and Taubman Faculty for Structure and City Planning. The College of Michigan Hospitals and Well being Facilities is ranked among the many circus tent hospitals within the state .

Stanford College

Stanford College is a personal initiation that was based in 1885. It has a total undergraduate registration of 6,366 ( fall 2020 ), its context is suburban, and the campus dimension is 8,180 acres. It makes use of a quarter-based educational calendar. Stanford College ’ s rating within the 2022 version of Greatest Schools is Nationwide Universities, # 6. Its tutelage and charges are $ 56,169 .

Stanford College ’ s pristine campus is situated in California ’ s Bay Space, about 30 miles from San Francisco. Stanford provides a variety of pupil organizations, together with the Stanford Pre-Enterprise Affiliation and Stanford Photo voltaic Automotive Challenge, which designs, builds and races a photo voltaic automotive each two years. The Stanford Cardinal are well-known for the standard “ Huge Recreation ” towards Cal, an annual soccer contest that awards the Stanford Axe — a sought trophy — to the victor. Stanford moreover has profitable packages in tennis and golf. solely freshmen are required to dwell on campus, however college students are assured housing for all 4 years, and most select to stay on campus. greek life at Stanford represents roughly 25 share of the scholar physique.

4 of Stanford College ’ s seven faculties supply undergraduate and graduate coursework, and the remaining three service as strictly graduate faculties. Graduate packages embody the extremely rank College of Training, College of Engineering, College of Legislation, College of Drugs and Graduate College of Enterprise. The Stanford Woods Institute for the Surroundings oversees collaboration between environmental inquiry, educating and outreach. Stanford has a lot of well-known theatrical and musical teams, together with the Ram ’ south Head Theatrical Society and the Mendicants, an all-male a cappella group. celebrated Stanford alumnus embody erstwhile U.S. President Herbert Hoover, Corridor of Fame NFL quarterback John Elway, actress Sigourney Weaver and golfer Tiger Woods, who performed collegiately at Stanford .

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