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Numerous customers requested me what’s the finest worth of Iris for blue unaccented lower. nicely on this article I ’ m going to have a look at exactly this with measurements .
This will probably be helpfull for customers of different software program merchandise like f.lux, Redshift, SunsetScreen, Night time Shift and Night time Mild .
The Android Twilight and Night time modality use completely different algorithm than Coloration temperature. Twilight is just like the Iris Overlay mode and Night time mode is just like the Iris Groot colour define.

I made a ten measurements of the expose from 6500K to 1200K since that is the format that’s common to all gloomy impede softwares and I feel is enought .
6500K is display with no coloring materials adjustments in any respect. That is completely calibrated display .
1200K is the bottom worth of f.lux, Redshift, Night time Shift and Night time mild. truly Redshift can go all the way down to 1000K, f.lux to 800K, SunsetScreen to 500K and Iris to 0K, however that is irrelevant .

The bellow measurements are the identical for all software program merchandise. No depend what anybody tells you all this softwares do the identical factor with colour temperature. They might do it with completely different algorithms, however the finish depart is the like .

6500K – 100%

At 6500K that is how the colour graph appears like. You see that blue unhorse is much more than all different colours and that is the primary motive that this measure is dangerous in your sleep and in your eyes .
We’ll simply use this measurement as comparission to early values and as how regular shows emmit colours .
The altitude of the aristocratic separate of the graph reveals the sum of blue simple emitted .
The stature of the inexperienced a part of the reveals the come of park calmly emitted .
The acme of the crimson area of the reveals the measure of crimson ignite emitted .
It ’ randomness authoritative to know that almost all softwares cut back apart from the inexperienced mild at low values and crimson mild is untouched in any respect values .
thus to pick one of the best worth we might want to choose the respect with abject aristocratic mild and highest park mild, however inexperienced idle ought to apart from be diminished for finest eye safety and sleep .

5970K – 90%

near the unhorse of Mercury vapor ignite lamp and Cloudy sky mild the colour graph appears like this

5440K – 80%

near the sunshine of Daylight alloy halide lamp ( HMI ) and median midday mild the tinge graph appears like this

4910K – 70%

near the sunshine of late daybreak and early afternoon mild colour graph appears like this

4380K – 60%

near the idle of Cool White Fluorescent lamp ( CFL ) and Mid Morning and Mid Afternoon mild the colour graph appears like this

3850K – 50%

close to to the faint of Standart Clear metallic factor halide lamp and Later Afternoon mild the colour graph appears like this

3320K – 40%

stopping level to the sunshine of Halogen mild lamp and Night mild the colour graph appears like this

2790K – 30%

near the sunshine of Family tungsten mild lamp and Sundown mild the colour graph appears like this

2260K – 20%

near the sunshine of excessive stress sodium luminosity lamp the colour graph appears like this

1730K – 10%

shut as much as the sunshine of Candle mild the appearance graph appears like this

1200K – 0%

airless to the sunshine of Ember mild the colour graph appears like this


To save lots of you the considering right here what all these outcomes imply. The bottom blue sparkle will probably be at 1200K or bellow, however that is truly not one of the best set .
At 1200K quite a lot of the inexperienced unaccented is diminished and the display could also be troublesome to learn .
Greatest measure for sleep and blue alight discount is 1900K or Candle mild .
Iris is utilizing 3400K for the night time and 5000K for the day. The argue for it’s because newly customers get shocked by the dangerous adjustments to their filmdom colours and may ’ t deal with the transition from truly undimmed display to 1900K .
start with 5000K throughout the day and 3400K throughout the night time. After a number of months steadily change to 1900K  on a regular basis for finest well being .
Attempt to get extra full-spectrum daylight and go exterior from fourth dimension to time to supply good quantities of melatonin .
Thanks for studying this text,
Daniel – Founding father of Iris
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