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Compsognathus Curiosicarius are small and curious carnivore from the late Jurassic interval.

Though these creatures are very small, a number of of them can show to be fairly lethal when attacking altogether, able to swarming survivors and different creatures inside seconds.

Compy can often be seen roaming round and can ultimately method something that catches their consideration, leading to the opportunity of others accompanying it to assault.

When approached by a survivor, a single Compy will likely be innocent and won’t assault however when different Compy arrive, they may start to swarm the survivor.

Survivors can have Compy accompany them and even journey on their shoulder though some survivors might have a number of of those not overwhelming just for pets however since they’re able to taking enemies down by them.


File Abstract

There are usually just a few issues that come into thoughts when one spots a Compy, they’re usually a pet a nuisance and in teams a harmful menace to these with out tames.

A single Compy alone is innocent however when a bunch is current, they start to show bloodthirsty and can try to take down prey even bigger than themselves.

It seems that the extra Compy which can be current in a pack, the extra assured they’re in attacking their targets.

Whereas a Compy won’t often assault survivors, as soon as a single one has approached the survivor, it’ll name its pack which can result in the pack attacking them.

Cultivate Compy will nonetheless retain their pack advantages, enable them to utilize their elevated pace and energy when they’re shut with each other.

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Bonus Pack (Passive)


A number of Compy is usually a lethal menace to those who they swarm since their pack bonus can attain as much as +8, additional rising their effectivity as a bunch.

Makes use of

Pack Fighters

Whereas weaker in smaller numbers, a bunch of a number of of those creatures can simply take down targets which can be bigger than them, particularly people as they’ll swarm and block them off.

Having these inside a base could make it onerous for enemies to raid, particularly when there are turrets inside and so they attempt to disguise as a bunch of Compy might trigger panic and even stop them from specializing in the raid.


Whereas in your shoulder, a Compy can assault an enemy in vary and when on the bottom it could actually struggle alongside you though having many is healthier to utilize the Pack Bonus.

How one can Tame Compy?

It’s simple to tame a Compy as it is vitally small and doesn’t have a considerable amount of torpor which implies it could actually simply be knocked out with a membership or tranquilizer darts.

No matter how simple it’s to knock one out, Compy are choosy and might solely be tamed with Mutton, Prime Meat or Prime Fish Meat.


Different Meals

  • Mutton
  • Prime Meat
  • Prime Fish Meat


Not Rideable

The Compy could be very small and clearly can’t be ridden however will be picked up and acts as a shoulder pet.




Compy can breed and can drop a small brown egg coated with white spots after efficiently mating however beware the child will likely be very tiny when it hatches and it ought to be monitored or it may be misplaced when it wanders with out being claimed.


Sources Harvested From Compy Physique

  • Conceal
  • Uncooked Meat


The shores often have Compy roaming them however there have been moments the place they have an inclination to roam jungles and forests.

Maps the place the Compy spawns:

  • The Island
  • The Heart
  • Ragnarok
  • Extinction
  • Valguero

Compy Spawn Location:

The next are spawn maps the place the Compy will be discovered:

The Island

The Heart




Whereas Comply should not the strongest creatures in maps, they can be utilized strategically in several methods akin to base protection or taking out tames with out being observed immediately.

A single Compy won’t do a lot injury except it’s bred properly however a bunch of Compy are at all times able to dealing injury to a sure extent.

Though these creatures are cute and innocent at occasions, it will be clever to at all times verify if there are others round them as many have misjudged these creatures to be innocent however find yourself getting swarmed.

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