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When was the ultimate time you checked out your vagina? Like, really checked out it? In case you’re like most people, likelihood is excessive that your reply is simply not these days — or not ever.

Studying: Space above vagina

ought to you recognize further about your physique, and had increased, further dependable particulars about interval care merchandise, you may be able to make further educated picks. Proper?

Actual focus on, your self whereas squatting over a mirror can actually really feel weird. However that’s solely on account of many individuals the place taught that our vulvas (bear in mind: your vulva is the outside part of the female genitals, your vagina is the inside canal) are “personal” areas.

That is true throughout the sense that you have full administration over who or what you allow down there. However it’s your physique and understanding what your anatomy seems to be like like — and what it is presupposed to look like — is a vital a part of staying in command of your reproductive effectively being.

What does an ordinary vulva look like?

Analysis has confirmed that fifty% of women worry about whether or not or not their vulva seems to be like “regular”, 20% of women have no idea what it’s presupposed to look like, nevertheless 1 in every 7 women has thought-about getting beauty surgical procedure on it.

And it is no marvel — the female anatomy is glossed over in sexual coaching and barely talked about as soon as extra while you’re out of college. For some people, the one knowledge they get about what vulvas look like from porn, which can give a very disillusioned sense of what’s common.

The actual fact is that vulvas (and vaginas) can be found in a diffusion of shapes, sizes, and colours and every is unique. Some people have labia that grasp down, some have clitorises which may be barely seen (nevertheless powerfully pleasurable), some have a mix of brown and pink get the picture. A conventional vulva is a healthful vulva, not one which seems a certain strategy.

Be happy to grab a mirror as you study this

Right here at Lunette, we think about that everybody must take the time to get to know themselves and their physique. The deeper understanding of how the two are linked will end in a fuller, further rewarding life. Trying out your vulva while you discover out about all of its utterly totally different parts are you able to develop into further practiced to your anatomy—and there is masses to be taught.

External Anatomy

Exterior Anatomy

Because the time interval implies, the outside female anatomy incorporates the genitals which may be open air the physique. Collectively, this space generally known as the vulva. The vulva incorporates the outer and inside lips of the labia (labia majora and labia minora), clitoris, and the openings to the urethra and vagina ~your complete enchilada~. This entire house is normally mistakenly generally known as the vagina — what you presumably can see externally is solely the vaginal opening. You may be taught further in regards to the vagina later throughout the inside anatomy half.

Mons (or Mons Pubis)

The mons pubis, or mons veneris, is the slight elevation above the pubic bone. Its job is to cushion and defend the bone all through sexual exercise. After puberty, this house turns into lined in pubic hair.

Labia Majora (outer labia)

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Additionally typically generally known as the outer lips, the labia majora are the outer folds of pores and pores and skin that encloses the vaginal opening, showing as a defending layer. Whereas oftentimes greater than the labia minora, it is commonplace for the within lips to be the similar measurement, if not greater than the outer lips. The labia majora can fluctuate in coloration. As an example, they’re typically pink, crimson, or reddish brown. They could fluctuate in dimension from fast to prolonged, and can appear simple or wrinkled. So do not worry, your vulva is simply not weird.

Labia Minora (inside labia)

Additionally typically generally known as the within lips, the labia minora are the thin folds of pores and pores and skin all through the labia majora. The within lips cowl the vaginal and urethral openings. This house all through the labia minora generally known as the vestibule. The within lips of the labia are the final phrase multi-taskers. From defending the vestibule from micro organism to housing nerve endings that enhance sexual pleasure, there’s little query that the labia minora is majorly superior.

Internal labia, like all totally different parts of your vulva, look utterly totally different from particular person to particular person. Some people have inside labia that grasp down earlier their outer labia, whereas others have labia which may be so small you presumably can barely see them. One explicit individual might even have inside labia that seems utterly totally different on both aspect — utterly common!

Clitoris + Glans

Proper beneath your mons, your inside labia join with kind your clitoral hood. This hood is linked to your glans, which is the very tip of your clitoris (the half you presumably can see open air of your physique). The clitoral hood protects your very delicate (assume: over 8,000 nerve endings!) clitoris.

Many people assume that the tip of the clitoris is all there could also be to it, nevertheless that is not the case. In actuality, your clitoris is sort of as large as a penis nonetheless it extends once more into your physique, making a wishbone kind, generally known as your crura. Every side of your crura is about 3 inches prolonged and is made up of erectile tissue that performs an very important place in sexual pleasure and orgasm. Your clitoris is the one part of your physique that is made totally in your sexual pleasure.

Fairly great, correct?

Urethral Opening

The urethra is a tube linked to the bladder by which your urine passes from the physique. The urethral opening is positioned just below the clitoris.

Vaginal Opening

When people say “vagina”, what they normally indicate is their “vulva”, which is the female anatomy we’re talking about proper right here. The phrase vagina really refers again to the within canal (the place penises or toys go in and infants come out). Under your urethral opening is your vaginal opening, the place you insert points like your menstrual cup. The vaginal opening expands and contracts nevertheless, no matter what some people say, they do not hold stretched.


Oftentimes generally known as the vagina, the vulva is the exact establish for the realm the place you will uncover your urethral opening, vaginal opening, labia (majora and minora) and clitoris.


The dam, typically generally known as the perineum, is the world between your vulva and your anus. This part of your physique has quite a few nerve endings and will actually really feel good when stimulated and acts as a connector.


The anus is the opening from which feces leaves your physique by the intestines. After puberty, this house oftentimes turns into lined in pubic hair.

Internal Anatomy

Inner Anatomy

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The within anatomy is all the weather you presumably cannot see, and the place the reproductive magic happens. Whether or not or not a toddler is present, the hormonal capabilities that embody your inside affect your regularly life.


The vagina is the muscular tube that connects your exterior genitals to the cervix of the uterus. It’s roughly 2 to 4 inches prolonged and will double in dimension when aroused. (WHAT?!) The partitions of the vagina might be described as layers of wrinkles or folds of muscular tissue. Menstrual blood will stream from the uterus by the cervix to exit the physique by the vagina. Mucus is generated to keep up the vagina moist as a strategy to lubricate itself for intercourse, lure semen for conception and cleanse. How loads mucus is created all through a cycle can fluctuate. Usually, it will improve about two weeks earlier to menstruation, which might be a bit of unsettling until you perceive it is a utterly pure prevalence that helps hold the effectively being of the vagina. Simply bear in mind, traits of the discharge amount, coloration and texture will fluctuate from particular person to particular person, and all by means of utterly totally different phases of the menstrual cycle.


Additionally typically generally known as the vaginal corona, the hymen is solely contained within the opening to the vagina. It’s a skinny membrane of tissue that partially covers the opening and vaginal to erode over time on account of hormones, pure discharge and intercourse. However the absence of the hymen is simply not an indicator of misplaced virginity, because it may really normally be broken all through many non-sexual actions like sports activities actions. Heck, some people do not have one the least bit.

Pubic Bone

The pubic bone is a joint the place the two halves of the pelvis meet. Yow will discover it behind your vaginal opening. Being able to decide the curve of your pubic bone from all through the vagina is great very important for placement of a menstrual cup, as your menstrual cup have to be positioned merely previous the pubic bone.


The Grafenberg spot, further typically generally known as the G-spot, is positioned on the doorway wall of the vagina (abdomen side) merely earlier the pubic bone and has a substantial spongy actually really feel. It may be robust to look out in case your fingers cannot attain, nevertheless bear in mind the truth that it might be elusive to pinpoint. Nevertheless, for lots of it is an erotic zone that has the potential to contribute vastly to their sexual arousal.


The cervix is ​​a slender, neck-like passage that varieties on the lower end of your uterus. The place of the cervix can fluctuate from particular person to particular person and changes all by means of your menstrual cycle. In case you search for it makes use of your finger, you will uncover it feels a bit similar to the tip of your nostrils. The cervix is ​​the place menstrual blood leaves the uterus so it may really transfer by the vagina. Semen moreover travels by the cervix to enter the uterus. Throughout being pregnant, the cervix will dilate, or stretch, to allow the kid to maneuver by all through a vaginal provide. However do not worry, besides you are throughout the technique of delivering a toddler, nothing nevertheless menstrual blood or semen shall be able to transfer by your cervix.

Reproductive Organs

Reproductive organs

The female reproductive system has two capabilities: The primary is to supply egg cells, and the second is to protect and nourish the offspring until supply.


The uterus is a muscular pear-shaped building the place a fetus will develop all through being pregnant. If an egg enters the uterus and is not fertilized by sperm, the within lining of the uterus will shed and transfer from the physique. That is menstruation.

Fallopian Tubes

Fallopian tubes lengthen from each side of the uterus and are the path by which a launched egg ought to journey to get to the uterus all through ovulation. If that egg is not fertilized, it will shed from the uterus with the within lining all through menstruation.


Lumpy and roughly the scale of a grape, the position are positioned on each side of the uterus the place they produce and retailer your eggs.

Pelvic Ground

The pelvic floor, or pelvic diaphragm, might be described as a sling of muscle tissues and connective tissue spanning the pelvic opening. Positioned beneath the pelvis, the pelvic floor doesn’t solely assist the uterus and vagina, however as well as the bladder, intestines and rectum – lastly holding them in place and letting them function appropriately. It’s these muscle tissues which will play a major half throughout the use and eradicating of your menstrual cup.

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