A-Z Guide To 1950s Slang

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You have purchased an Elvis costume, Buddy Holly jacket or polka dot skirt & underskirt. You are prepared in your 50s themed get together then, proper?


You want the lingo, man! You will be the massive tickle of all of the beatniks if you happen to flip up and you are not armed with the vocabulary. So, pop on some thick-rimmed glasses or a polka dot skirt, go dangle with the opposite cool cats, then swing your wheels over to coolsville and browse this useful A-Z information to Fifties slang. Solely then will you be prepared for the massive bash.

Who is aware of, you would possibly even get your self some again seat bingo on the finish of the night time…

A gasoline – one thing that might be an unbelievable quantity of enjoyable. AKA “a blast”

I positive wish to take out that Cindy to the flicks, it might be a gasoline.

Agitate the gravel – depart shortly.

We might higher get out of right here, Brett. Come on man, agitate the gravel!

Are you writing a guide? – again off, you are asking too many questions.

What shall I convey to the get together? The place is it? What time?

Jeez, Marlon, are you writing a guide?

Child – cutie, used for both intercourse.

Hey child, you come right here usually?


Again seat bingo – the fantastic artwork of constructing out with a woman in a automobile.

Oh come on Sally, let’s play a spot of again seat bingo, eh?

Dangerous information – somebody who’s usually a foul egg, maybe resulting from rejection.

Did you get any again seat bingo with Sally final night time?

No man, she’s dangerous information.

Bash – get together, important lingo in your 50s themed get together!

Hey, you coming to my bash later? It is gonna be a gasoline.


Beatnik – a follower of the Beat scene, these pre-hippie sorts who have been fed up of warfare and nervous about plunging into an atomic age.

The Beatniks have been usually accepted because the precursor to the hippies of the 60s, with their “activate and tune out” angle and rejection of “boring” societal values.

Huge Daddy – potential date’s father, or any older one that’s not within the Beat scene.

We have been house by 9. She needed to report again to Huge Daddy.

Bread – cash.

Coming to see the band later, Danny?

Nah man, I am outta bread. Simply gonna take Sally out within the automobile.

Bug – to harass.

Why ain’t you bought any bread, Danny?

Look, will you simply neglect it? You are beginning to bug me.

Cat, AKA Daddy’o – the Beatniks’ manner of describing a fellow hipster.

The remainder of you cats coming later?

Positive factor, Daddy’o

Cookin’ – doing one thing effectively.

Have been the ‘Loopy Cats’ any good finally night time’s gig?

Positive factor, they have been cookin’!

Cool – everyone knows this one! One thing that’s trendy.

The music of the 50s was far cooler than that 60s garbage.

Copping a bit – making one thing as much as delude a Beatnik.

She stated she needed to get house to Huge Daddy, however I believe she was simply copping a bit.

Cruisin’ for a bruisin’ – in search of bother.

Hey Danny, I heard Sally’s discovered a correct man.

You higher watch what you are saying man, you are cruisin’ for a brusin’.

Dibs ­– to name dibs is to put declare to one thing earlier than anybody else.

If Sally is shedding Danny, I name dibbs.

Yeah, good luck with that…

Dig it ­– perceive

Simply be sure that Sally’s again by 9, younger man.

Positive, I dig it.

Eyeballing a doll – giving a possible date look over.

Is Mike coming or what?

Nah, he is nonetheless busy eyeballing that doll over on the park.

Get bent – a disparaging comment, that means get misplaced, go away.

Danny, you positive Sally’s not eyeing up that man over there?

Get bent!

Greaser – an individual with tonnes of gel of their hair (later turned an outline for a complete group of individuals – assume Fonzie, Grease.

Take a look at Mike, preening himself in that mirror. He is such a greaser.

Go ape – explode with rage, be actually mad.

I took Sally again at ten the opposite night time. Her dad went ape.

Dangle – as in “hang around” – not do a lot.

Wanna dangle spherical mine later?

Positive, had no higher gives.

Hit the sack – go to mattress

Lets watch one other one?

I dunno man, it is late and we have got faculty tomorrow. I am gonna hit the sack.

Kicks – thrill gained by doing one thing enjoyable or unbelievable.

Lets go to the park tomorrow?

What for?

Only for kicks!

Knuckle sandwich – a fist within the face.

He was actually yelling at me, I assumed he was gonna serve me a knuckle sandwich!

Later, gator – goodbye, a shorted type of “see ya later, alligator”.

See you on the dance.

Yeah, later, gator.

No sweat – straightforward, no drawback.

Are you able to give your sister a raise to the dance later, darling?

Positive mother, no sweat!

Sq. – much like Huge Daddy, somebody who’s not cool, and undoubtedly not a Beatnik.

Lets invite Marlon?

No manner, he is a sq..

The large tickle– fun on the expense of the sufferer.

Truly maybe we must always invite Marlon, he’d be a giant tickle.

Turkey– a silly or silly particular person.

That is a horrible concept, Mike. You actually are a Turkey.

-ville – added to the top of phrases to create an imaginary place: coolsville, deadsville, squaresville, weirdsville.

Why would we go spherical Marlon’s afterwards? He lives in squaresville!

What’s buzzin’, cuzzin’? – what’s new?

Hey, what’s buzzin’, cuzzin’?

Properly, Brad crashed his new wheels, and Marlon’s nonetheless a sq..

Wheels – a automobile, the important 50s accent.

So, is Brad driving?

No, I advised you he crashed his wheels!

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